Show ticket title in tab, not requester name

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  • Alex McFarlane

    Ethan - ticket subjects are showing for us since logging on this morning (we're in the UK)

    Have quickly looked through settings and I haven't spotted any configuration for this yet.

  • Krista Renz

    Looks like this is being rolled out in the next couple weeks. Here is the link from ZD about the update.

  • Trust Payments Ltd.

    I understand lots of people wanted this changed (and I agreed, as long as configurable by us which one - subject or requester - is displayed.  Our teams are wholly used to the requester now and so we wanted to approach this change like any other.  Upfront comms from Zendesk with date, we do internal comms, implementation is smooth.

    But no - today, suddenly it's changed.  No comms, no warning.  No apparent configuration to change back to requester.

    Zendesk, appreciate you finally responding to this thread and making changes, however this isn't good enough comms wise for us to manage our teams properly

  • Landon Carroll

    What a frustrating forced update. The most frustrating thing about Zendesk to me is that we get absolutely no say in the UI and its functionality. No settings whatsoever.

    As many have stated above, having the ticket subject be the title of the tab is MUCH more useful for the majority of us. As of now, trying to differentiate between multiple open tickets submitted by the same requester is an absolute pain. Please fix this or at least give us the option to customize this. Many people are frustrated.

  • Anthony Severo

    While I am personally looking forward to this reverting, I understand that others would like to customize, which is the impression we were given.

    The follow-up from the PM Roundtable was "Admins should be able to select what shows up in tabs, whether they should display the ticket subject or requester name.", so that was the update I had been expecting.

  • Siket, Joseph

    I would like to comment here, as even now as my agents are juggling multiple tickets, I am repeatedly frustrated by this arbitrary UI change.  Instead of showing the requester's name, it ought to show the subject of the ticket.  For our purposes, it has greatly complicated matters when working on multiple tickets from the same requester... which happens every single day.  

    I convinced my team back in 2017 to switch to ZenDesk because of its ease of use.  But changes like this really are making us look at alternatives, because it seems pretty clear ZenDesk isn't listening to its customers.  If it were an option, that would be GREAT, because everyone has different needs.  But this forced change?  It's not great.  It's the opposite of great.  It's slowing me, and everybody else down.  


  • David Milward

    Siket, Joseph I received an email last Thursday with the below.  It looks like a change is being rolled out over this month that at least returns this behaviour in non-messaging/chat tickets




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