Add scheduling rights to team leads

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  • Alina Wright
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Jacob Bergman - what's the job function of the person who you would like to extend scheduling privileges to? What workarounds are you having to do now to make this work on your end? Thanks so much

  • Jacob Bergman

    Hi Alina,

    As admins have all the access, we limit the admins to only a few. But as we have plenty of teams, we have plenty of requests to change the schedules. As only admins can do this they need to spend a time just changing schedules and adding holidays -- tasks that might as well be done by a team lead or superuser. 

    Also, when you have many different schedules, it becomes time consuming to add on holidays to all of them, would be good if one holidays could be added to many schedules at the same time.

    Finally, holidays should be possible to make part of one day -- not only full days.

    Thanks :)




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