What Prevents Data From Appearing in a Query


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  • CJ Johnson

    This is a known issue that Zendesk doesn't consider a bug. I filed a feature request because it's absolute madness to have checkboxes have more than two possible values. For whatever reason, the system decided that A.F. in your example was set to "NULL" not "FALSE" in this instance, so it's both not true, and not False. This happens all the time, to all checkboxes, both ticket field and user, and makes reporting on them incredibly fussy and difficult. I wish I had a solution better than this, but one thing you can do is consider NULL as also false. You can write a custom formula to make NULL output to "False" as well, if you need to use the checkbox for a filter on reporting and don't want people getting confused. 

  • Mark Molloy

    CJ Johnson,
    Thanks for the info. I'll look into the custom formula.




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