malware scanning feature blocking certain companies daily business

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  • Benni Geiger

    Here, too. I understand that you want to secure the mail traffic for your customers - but what about customer dealing with such kind of attachments as business model? The purpose of using the Zendesk service would be destroyed if that malware scanning feature would be mandatory without exception.

  • Chika Chima
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi David Oegren and Benni Geiger,

    Thank you for reaching out and expressing your feedback.

    I am the PM for the new malware scanning feature. I would like to reach out to you both separately via email and set up a short call to understand more about your workflows, business needs and discuss how we can align more to your respective use cases

  • David Oegren

    Hi Chika Chima,

    sadly the feature went live for us too which is already impacting our daily business. We need a fix/workaround. I also don't see why explaining our workflows should change anything about the fact that we need every agent to be able to evaluate and handle dangerous attachments. We are an email security provider, our clients rely on us helping them by sending us emails with possibly malicious content attached. We can not have admins work through all those tickets. Also, it is not an option to give every agent the admin role. This needs to be deactivated for us, or we need a workaround of some kind. We can not wait for a call on the 14th of July (which seems to be your first free slot) and possibly more waiting time on top of that. We need a solution NOW. Please understand that this is a possible showstopper for us.

  • Chika Chima
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi David Oegren

    We have sent you an email. Please kindly respond to the email at your earliest connivence.

    Thank you



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