add private mail to existing ticket

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  • Marjana Cowan

    While I can see how this might be useful, I do not allow agents to use their personal email for communicating with customers. I require that all communication takes place from within Zendesk because I want everything documented in one spot. This is including conversations with other departments or vendors that are not Zendesk users, which can be accomplished via side conversations. 

  • I. Smit

    Marjana Cowan
    Fair and understandable point. But on the other side, not all processes are the same and every company has made/is making its own choices that way.  
    In our case, by the way, this is no different. All communication between the service desk to customers or colleagues has to go through Zendesk. However, in some cases, general information comes to you via a private company email. An agent wants to be able to add that information to a ticket in Zendesk. With Outlook, you can possibly (I can't test that) upload the message into the ticket. However, we work with Google (Gmail) and cannot easily extract messages from gmail and upload them in zendesk.  

  • Viktor


    I saw this and thought about a test I have been doing with encoding.ID. 

    You could if you have added [{{ticket.encoded_id}}] to the Subject add the same encoded_id to your E-mail from outside of Zendesk. However that message will be presented as internal note sometimes when the sender is not a part of the conversation. 

    Don't forget to add [ ] around {{ticket.encoded_id}} in subject. 

    Then you can try to send an e-mail into that ticket as long as you add the same ID in subject. 


    So I managed to send into an existing ticket with {{ticket.encoded_id}} then adding #assignee and #solved for example. 



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