Merged ticket needs a function to UNMERGE

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  • Tawnya Cavanaugh

    I agree completely. I understand that we may need to limit this ability to an admin, however we do need it to be available. 

  • Bo Williams

    I 200% agree. This scenario has occurred a couple of times for us and now two users are replying to each other in a ticket and causing a headache for our support team. 

  • Carmen Salu

    100% agree

  • Sarah Hawk

    I agree. A mistake was made and needs to be corrected. Cannot correct unless we can unmerge the ticket. 

  • Hostmost Engineering (S) Pte Ltd

    We come back to refresh this complain again. It is so frustrated that Zendesk just merge 2 tickets from different clients based on the backend message-ID. It made our agents so frustrated and unhappy and feel helpless! 

    Such unexpected new message merged to the ticket also not removable, but how can we talk to 2 customers and share all confidential business information. 

    Zendesk should seriously consider this problem and find a solution. 

    We don't care what RFC standard it is, Zendesk can always do an extra mile to stop this unexpected merging. It is easy by just adding more criteria for taking consideration of a message from a different party + Subject is different. 

    There are so many outlook users they like to just duplicate from the same email by just changing the email address to send, or even just have a small change on the subject or modify a bit of the contents to send multiple email. We did the same when we are using outlook. 

    Either not merging until all criteria met and /or give us the choice to say Yes or No to merge when there is such a doubt happening. 




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