Possible to edit "submit a request" page?

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  • Pulkit Pandey
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    Hi K

    Please, follow the below steps 

    For Point 1 

    1.1 Go to the Header.hbs file and search for the following class "submit-a-request".

    1.2 After getting the targetted class now replace the content inside the "li" tag with the current one 

    <a href="URL Where you want user to redirect on click" class="submit-a-request"> Submit a Request </a>

    Below is the screenshot for the same


    For Point 2

    2.1 Go to the new_request_page.hbs file and remove the code as shown in the below screenshot with the content you need to show 

    Let me know if it solves your issue 


    Thank You 


    Team Diziana



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