Stopping SLA countdown on holidays

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  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi Chaimiao Wu

    It's not on the roadmap because it's already in the product.

    However, you need to customize Zendesk's Holiday calendar as part of a Schedule for that to work.
    And you need to assign your tickets to an SLA schedule (which defines which Holiday Calendar they shall be subjected to).

  • Charles Perkins

    Is there a way to clone a schedule? Would save a lot of time! Or will the default schedule be used if none is specified? 

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Chaimiao,

    in terms of the schedule, yes, you can add Business hours that include holidays:

    Here you can also find more details on Defining SLA policies.

    Unfortunately, it is not natively possible to clone a schedule.



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