Unable to use Side Conversations to send Slack messages to individuals (via DM) or tag individuals

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  • Rudolph Beaton
    Zendesk Luminary


  • Paolo | M-F 8-5 PST

    That would be so helpful to DM individuals through side conversations.

  • Erin Burreece

    This would be such a gamechanger!

  • Luma Lopes

    It would be an absolute game-changer to a company's "internal stakeholder support" use case (HR, IT). Today I implemented integrations to create tickets in Zendesk from Slack Workflows and would be great to continue supporting that specific teammate in Slack, not sending an email from the ticket. 

    The internal stakeholder support use case is this one:

    1. The teammate wants support from IT Team ( e.g. computer crashed);
    2. The teammate goes to the company IT channel in Slack and starts a workflow;
    3. The teammate submits the workflow with the information required to open the ticket;
    4. A ticket is created for the IT Team group in Zendesk (custom integration with field mapping);
    5. The IT Team replies through email to the requester (the teammate).
    6. The support is handled through email until it's solved.

      The support is sent through Slack and handled through Email. 

      What usually happens in urgent cases is that the IT support agent opens a DM in Slack with the ticket requester, and updates the ticket after it's solved. 

      The perfect workflow would be possible to DM the requester in Zendesk Side Conversations, having all the IT support in one place! Zendesk would be like a white label support tool. The requester would only use Slack as a support channel. 

      As an additional business rule, it would be needed to reopen the case once the requester sends a response in DM. 


  • Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi All, 

    Random Zendesk Product Manager here.

    We are actively building a slack direct message solution using our messaging platform that will allow you to direct message a 'handle' for example 'support, HR, sales onboard' or anything you wish it to be.

    This message will then start a messaging conversation in Agent, allowing the end-user to talk in slack and your agent to work directly from Zendesk. 

    If this is something you would be interested in talking about more, please reply to this message and I will be more than happy to reach out. 

  • Luma Lopes

    Hi, Chris Drylie. Are you still interested in talking about this use case? I'm happy to help. You can also reach the CSM of the account I manage, she's aware of this use case as well. Thanks!

  • Matthew Elliott

    Chris Drylie Very much interested in this.  Also, very surprised this doesn't exist yet.  It's one of the top use-cases I thought of when considering Zendesk and it's integration with Slack. Let me know how I can help in anyway. 





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