Custom Field Date - Stamping Today's Date On user Field

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  • LVB

    Wow, is there really no way to do this?

  • Jordan Moore

    AGREED....this lack of functionality is very frustrating and it is a necessary logic for building robust triggers. We need TODAY as an option for date fields. New customer to Zen and we're struggling without this very common feature.

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi everyone, although the following may not address all the challenges above, check this comment to see how to print the current date on a custom user field (using a webhook via trigger). Hope this helps!

  • Rhys

    I'm guessing the feature "to set a date in the future" was added after this post was made. But there is now an option "set to a number of days from now"

    I wanted it to display today's date when the trigger runs. So in the custom date field functionally put it as 'set to 0 days from now' 
    so far in testing this has worked as expected. 


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