Agent Workspace: Chat Sound Notifications

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  • Dave Dyson

    Thanks for your feedback, Priscilla!

  • Arpan Nagdeve
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Priscilla, 
    We reviewed the sound settings and enabled the ones which are most widely used, as of now we are not planning to enable sound notifications for the rest 3 options mentioned by you. 
    An agent can still go and change the sound file for the incoming chat and incoming message. On default sound soon we'll be rolling out changes that will change the default sound and add few more sound options for incoming chat and incoming messages. 

  • Priscilla Shaw

    When I switched to Agent Workspace, I was getting the sound notification for Operating hours. I believe that notification sound didn't get enabled. I've switched AW on and off and now I don't hear it!

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Definitely, something we would like as well. I have upvoted

  • Jamie Martin

    Our team is no longer receiving any notifications on chat (agent workspace) even when the chat window is reduced. I've had multiple tickets submitted (one from Monday that still has not received any response) and the only answer we've received was that we should re-adjust our SLA because you guys can't have something as basic as a sound notification?? Please respond with what you guys are doing to fix this. 

  • Michael Mader

    I'm having the same issue as Jamie.

  • Steven Granner

    While our agents using Agent Workspace have the ability to customize or disable sounds for "Incoming chats" or "new messages", they don't have the ability to do so for chats that are assigned to them. We would love to see this and more general customizability added to visual and audible notifications in Agent Workspace moving forward. 

  • Era Curtis


    I agree with Steven, it's very distracting to have many notifications for incoming chats while already in a chat. It would be great to be able to disable those notifications and sounds while still being notified if you are assigned a chat when the queue is empty. Thank you!

  • Rina

    Era CurtisI agree with the points made here. Wonder if there is a way to set the default sounds for all agents, and then let agents change their personal sounds if they wish to? At this time, I am having to direct agents to their own settings to adjust these.

  • Lee Grasso

    The way my team operates, and it seems some other teams as well, we could really benefit from a different sound for chats coming into queue (no agents available to assign to) and chats that are getting assigned to an individual agent. 

  • shelley

    Arpan Nagdeve
    We have recently moved to AWS-Chat. Our team are now not receiving audible notification alerts when a chat is transferred. Is this expected behaviour? I really really hope not.

  • JJ Miclat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey everyone,

    We appreciate your feedback on this topic and would love to hear more directly from you live. Please join us on Thursday, April 25th at 9 AM PDT for our PM Roundtable.

    It'll be an open discussion on what is and isn't working with the recent UI changes regarding Agent Workspace. The product team would also like feedback on enhancements they plan on making in Agent Workspace, so we can design the experience tailored to your CX needs.

    The link to register can be found here, we'd love to see you all there.


  • Movell Sarran

    Has this been resolved yet? 

  • Julian Kossak


    we are still experiencing problems with the notification of incoming chat messages.

    If the ticket tab is in background because the agent needs to search something in the knowledge base (e.g.) and a new chat message is coming in in one of his/hers assigned chat tickets, there is often no acustic notification.

    Please solve this issues asap!

    Thanks and regards


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