New UI Performance Issues

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  • Rudolph Beaton
    Zendesk Luminary

    My agents and I have also noticed significant latency issues since moving to Agent Workspaces.

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi @... & @... –

    Thanks for this feedback. Can you provide some additional information?

    • Is the latency ongoing, or isolated to a given day?
    • Is the latency on an individual ticket or with a specific agent?
    • Do we have latency issues with a specific experience - eg reassigning tickets, scrolling tickets, or does everything in the Agent Workspace seem slower?
  • Jean-michel WEISS

    doesn't matter the day or whatever, even more, the customer answers a ticket, we can see briefly the answer in the preview when we highlight the ticket, but when we go inside the ticket by clicking on it, we don't see the answer. after several refresh, then finally, it appears. experienced with chrome browser, it seems that it works with edge 

  • David Walker
    Zendesk Luminary

    It's very interesting to read these few comments here. We experience exactly the same as the above mentioned.  

    Here is a brief summary of our case. 

    We have a relatively large account, 300+ users. We have used Zendesk chat since 2016 and were very satisfied with the product. In May 2022 we transitioned to agent workspace. Since then, the experience for our agents is very poor. Our agents typically handle three chats simultaneously but this simply isn't possible in agent workspace because of the lag when changing tab, ending a chat, trying to read the latest message from a customer or type a message. In terms of efficiency, the lagging in agent workspace increases handle time dramatically and decreases user satisfaction. 

    In an attempt to find a solution, we have provided Zendesk support with endless HAR files, performance traces and countless screen recordings from multiple users but they've not been able to identify the cause. We remove apps, try different browsers, computers, verify internet speeds but the lag is still an issue.

    In conclusion, the product is unusable, at least for accounts with significant volume. Our only option it seems is to revert to Zendesk chat. 

  • Christy Fox

    Just transitioned this morning, and we've had multiple team members report lag issues with significant frustration as a result.  We'll be considering our options based on the above feedback.

  • Ian LaPhilliph

    We're in a similar position here as well.  Not only lag for our agents, but we've also experienced a ton of chat outages since switching over.  Even on the operations side, I've noticed everything having to do with our account being significantly less performant since swapping Zendesk Chat over to the New Agent Workspace.

    Guessing it has to do with the legacy chat APIs/Product interacting with the Support APIs, but my knowledge may be a tad outdated on that.

    Either way, we are also looking at options on how to improve the performance. 

  • Austin Meier

    I also agree with the above, I have resorted to using the API to build my own UI since a 'classic' view is unavailable. 

  • Onur Olmez

    100% agree with all of the above sentiments. For example, when I try to submit a ticket comment, then quickly try to update the ticket status, Zendesk will error out. It's getting to a point that it's slowing down my work and becoming an issue due to the constant "baby sitting" I need to do to make sure the updates I made to tickets actually committed.

    I've opened multiple support tickets with Zendesk with their usual response: "must be an issue with your internet connection" and have just given up as I'm just wasting my time. I have a 1Gbps symmetrical fiber connection at my office. And, I don't have any custom extensions, so please stop asking me to submit HAR files. I can't in good faith believe the issue is on my end given the amount of other customers' frustration shown here...

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi everyone, please check out this troubleshooting guide, and follow the steps here: General performance issues troubleshooting guide
  • Austin Meier

    @... I refuse to believe that in good faith the first thing you thought of was to send the most generic troubleshooting guide of all time. I mentioned that I resorted to using your API to completely build the frontend of your website because your team failed to make a quality version of it and you reply with the "Hello World" equivalent of troubleshooting. I could have programmed a bot to give that response. Are you hiring? I'm at step 5 of the guide and when someone contacts, you send the guide again. Another open loop like the care for memory management in your application

    You completely confirmed Onur Olmez 's second paragraph by saying that all the support team at ZenDesk knows how to do is paste a macro to troubleshooting. Thank you for publicly displaying the complete lack of care of the entire ZenDesk team. Ironic that the company that builds a support portal offers some of the worst support I have ever seen. You know the website was horribly designed when even Safari gives memory warnings for your page. I completely understand the user experience was the last thing in mind when developing the new UI, but it's just as easy to say that instead of constantly sounding like a broken jukebox and giving the exact same link to "Troubleshooting for Dummies". I have 32GB of RAM on my machine, 8 core processor, and a fiber optic connection. I don't think my machine is the culprit. Call me blunt, but I dare to stand on a feather and say incompetence is the issue here.

    As the original poster put it, it's disappointing to watch a quality product drop off.



  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Austin, I pointed to that troubleshooting guide because in includes ruling out a lot of issues, and includes generating a HAR file and doing a traceroute so that if none of the mitigation steps included there solves the problem (which I suspect they would not in this case), you'd be able to contact our support team armed with the information they'd need to proceed with more in-depth troubleshooting (which likely would include getting our engineering team involved). I'm sorry I wasn't more clear in why I was pointing to the troubleshooting guide. 
  • Daniel

    I'm a bit concerned to see others are experiencing the same issues as our account and have been unable to find a resolution. We're in the process of collecting all the screen recordings, HAR and performance recordings but wonder if there is any value in that if others haven't had their issues resolved. Has anyone found a way to improve this? Outside of rebuilding the product?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Daniel,
    It's definitely worth it to share this information with our Customer Care team as this is something they're actively looking into. Any and all information shared helps our team narrow down what is causing these performance issues on your machine. This isn't to say the issue is with your machine itself and if it's something we can solve on our end we will definitely do so.
    I see you have a ticket open with our Customer Care team so feel free to share any additional information you have with them.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  • AntonMi

    Safari performance is the worst in my case. Looks to be engineered this way as confirmed by support.  Chrome and Firefox are 2x better, but idling Zendesk Support with 1 open ticket consumes 25% of CPU in chrome. 

    Safari is always like this 100% cpu and >1G of memory when idling.

  • Austin Meier

    I have unfortunately resorted to using Zendpy and Django to make a quick integration to view tickets and respond. The benefit is that this Zendesk integration actually works and even allowed me to respond with fancy HTML comments. I mean it's baffling that ZenDesk supports markdown HTML comments AND uses CKEditor which supports HTML yet they don't integrate it. ZenDesk has become an amalgam of external packages and a nightmare for performance.

    In typical scale-up fashion, they shoved hundreds of packaged features into the product without actually developing it and now it's an unusable nightmare. To each their own I guess.

    I mean the agent view is loading jQuery, jQuery UI, React, Underscore, Handlebars, Ember.js, Moment.js, Core-js, and multiple analytics packages. I mean when it comes to frameworks and templating libraries, the developers have an entire buffet. My M1 Pro MacBook doesn't get warm doing PyTorch epochs, yet becomes a space heater when I load ZenDesk. Safari hates the website and refreshes it constantly because it's such a disaster.

    Loading my minimum agent view alone encounters 166 requests, 7.3 MB of data transferred and 23.2 MB of resources. It seems like they are in a situation where they are just too deep into this nightmare now to back-out so they are going to give blanket replies and hope they can iron out some performance issues.

  • Katie Barnes

    We have seen improvement in Chrome by setting to clear cookies when the window is closed. But it is extremely disheartening to see that this has been a known issue for over a year, with no solution. 

    My team experiences extreme lag when moving between open chats and tickets in the browser as the day goes on, by mid shift we usually have to clear cookies and refresh the page which you can't do while actively handling incoming chats. 

  • Alec Grotenstein

    It's HORRIBLE. Like who actually approved these updates? Zendesk capabilities took a step back with their new updates...

    The search features is much worse. It's less accurate, doesn't yield proper--or sometimes even any results. There's less info available on a user at the ticket-level, you have to click into the user's profile.

    My team is not a fan with any of these "enhancements"...


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