Side Conversation Signatures all at the bottom of the trail

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    Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, just wanted to check in here to say that we made an adjustment to signatures in email side conversations so that they are included directly after the message that is typed into the side conversation composer, above the previously quoted content. This should hopefully alleviate the problems some email clients had when the signature came after the quoted content.

  • Mo Elsopki

    I'm getting the same, any updates?

  • Jacob Bergman


    Same for us. Do you have any fix for this?

  • Adrian Bishop

    We continue to get complaints from our internal non-Zendesk staff about this situation, I think the concept of side conversations is great but the functionality is really poor and lets ZD support down dearly. 

    We are heavily reliant on this feature and it just doesn't deliver well at all.

  • Mo Elsopki

    Agreed, we're in the same boat!

  • Adrian Bishop

    @... Thanks for sorting this, hopefully the recipients of these mails will no longer question who the email is from :) 

  • Toby Sterrett I noticed this message where you confirm the signature should be above the quoted text of a Side Conversation. Does this apply to quotes of comments in the tickets as well? We do not see that behavior yet, and it's creating the same confusion as Adrian Bishop is describing.


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