I should be able to create a view for the tickets I'm CC'd on

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  • Patrick Kloiber

    I reviewed your top 3 competitors via trials and they all allow this feature.  Do we need to get Zendesk Sales Management involved to get a reply on this feature/functionality gap post?

  • Serah C

    I am in need of this feature as well - clients are wanting to see what emails they've been cc'd on. Please push this one!

  • Jake Warren

    Another +1 from me. This makes it infinitely harder for folks internally to browse the tickets where they are CC'd. As a light agent they can find their use and toggle to CC'd tickets, but that doesn't even show Organization as a column.

  • Stewart Armbrecht

    Continuing to add to the heap of requests on this.  The current solution is simply not working in our environment as most CC'd participants simply fail to check their CC'd queue and email notifications are lost in a sea of too many emails from Zendesk.  We really need the ability to pull cc'd tickets into existing views and choose which columns to show.

  • Tobias Persson

    This is problematic for us who uses private groups, where some agents in other groups creates tickets and add their team members as CC to follow up on these tickets.


  • Chris Swinney

    +1 - I do not see the ability to view my CC tickets in my profile

  • Matthias Miltenberger

    Any update on this, Zendesk?

  • Andy Wilson

    +1 - This simple feature would benefit us! 

  • Loyd Stearman

    This is a no brainer feature. The view on your profile is not manageable. I want to see the ones with the most recent comment or the oldest ones. This just lumps them altogether. MAybe I am missing someting but the coding should be pretty easy to add it. 

  • Jill Bragg
    Zendesk Luminary

    Edited: I just found this on another Zendesk community post & thought it would help a lot of you out. It may not solve all of your issues, but it seems to have solved mine. & It's free!!

    Still including my original post though since this needs to be a native feature in Zendesk & there are probably other use cases that this doesn't solve:

    Any news on if this is being added? Also, the "followed tickets" view that's available for agents should have filtering. Also, is there a reason tickets are listed by default in ascending order of "requested date"? It seems like it would make more sense if the default was to have it show by "status" where open/on-hold/pending tickets were listed ahead of solved/closed ones.

  • Dominique Liard

    Pretty please! Can we allow agents to be able to use the CC field as a condition. Our staff need to view all tickets they are assigned or CC'ed on. That is because if the ticket assignee is on leave, any new message/comment posted by an end user won't be missed.


  • Chez Carter

    Good day. The CC view from the user profile section is helpful but limited. I have no control over the columns and sorting as I would if it was a custom view.

    Please take this into consideration. 

    Thanks for all your hard work. Take care.


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