Add 'Remove cc' trigger/automation action

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    Bailey Whitaker-Lea
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Everyone - 

    New PM for Triggers & Automations here, catching up on the requests in the Community. It has been great to see all the feedback from you! I certainly understand your frustrations around needing more flexibility in your trigger conditions and actions. While we are actively working to improve Triggers this is not a feature we currently have planned, however it is in our backlog of potential improvements. 
    Thank you for sharing your use cases as this helps our Product teams tremendously to know what is most important to you. 

  • Jake Holman

    Hi Rob, how exactly would the rule know which CC to remove?

  • Rob Eyre


    Thanks for the quick response.  Could it be set up just like a mirror of the 'add cc' action (choose from a list of agents) - or even better just a free text field where you can enter a list of email addresses to remove from the cc list?

  • Michelle Dunn

    It would be great for us if we could build a trigger to remove ALL CCs on given tickets. We have some automated system notifications that create tickets for us, but also copy dozens of other people. It's a tad tedious to go through and remove twenty CCs one by one.

  • Loren Justins

    Or how do we stop emailing a CC?  eg.  We have a tag that gets checked and if it is there, when a job is updated, a notification is NOT sent to the recipeint.  The drama is, we cant control if one is sent to the CC!!

  • David Karlton

    We'd absolutely love the option to remove CC's through a trigger. Currently, we trigger emails to our developers whenever the support staff wants to escalate a given ticket. Our developers insist on being able to interact with the support staff *only* via email, and not have to use the web portal. When they reply via email, however, it automatically adds the developers as CC's to the tickets. (Note that if they *did* reply via the web portal, there would be no CC added.)

    So, either a way to specify (through the REST API?) that "I am replying privately to this ticket, and I don't want to be added to CC", or a way to specify a trigger internally to remove the automated CC, would be fantastic.

  • Team RIAB

    I'd also like to find some way to automate removal of CC's.

    We have emails sent from our billing system to our helpdesk so we can internally manage some of the order setup process. The problem is that the CC is the email address of the user who signed up.

    We then perform our internal processes and we like to comment to the ticket with some additional info. We have to remember to change the comment to Private before marking the ticket Solved. I'm sure at some point we will miss doing that part and the user will receive our internal notes. Automating the removal of the CC address would fix this for us I think.

    Another idea would be to add a trigger like "subject equals" or similar, so we can filter these types of emails based on their relatively unique subject.

  • Rinse Gijsman

    Is this already solved? There have to be an solution for this by working with some partners which need to add as CC sometimes. They doesnt need to see the public replies. I cant believe this feature isnt in zendesk already. 

    @Jake, could you please tell me if there is any progress for this? 

  • Glenn

    Would also like to see this. Even a "remove all CCs" action would be enough for what we need.

  • Bob Basi


  • Christopher Miller

    Another bump. 

    We just moved to Zendesk and still have existing webforms in place. The CEO still wants to be CC'd from the webform but doesn't want the response from Zendesk that we've received the ticket. 

    I know which emails to remove, but I only have the add cc option and not the remove cc. 

    Solution Option: It would work in our world to remove the cc's of any agent and light agent on the ticket if desired. It would also work to remove specific cc's via copying and pasting an email to remove if it exists.

  • Christopher Miller

    FYI - I have a work around in place based on a text string in the email where we don't respond to these webform tickets saying support has received the email. However we still need to manually delete our CEO's email from the cc list. 

  • Zalary Young

    We would also love to be able to remove CCs from tickets based on triggers or even an API call.  

    Our business case is that often we reply to users via email, either if the answer is quick and easy or if it's urgent, just to say we're looking into it.  According to our help ticket #352547 when we reply via email we are not yet assigned, so the responding agent is automatically cc-ed.  I have a trigger that assigns tickets to the first responding email agent, but apparently this happens after the cc is already added.   I would love to be able to add a trigger that removes the cc address of agent currently assigned - so at least I/we don't get double email notifications of user replies as well as notification of our own replies.

  • Richard Suwelack

    +1 here, why is it taking so long to add this simple feature? I want to be able to remove all CC's when I receive an e-mail from a particular Agent.

  • Owen Pickford

    +1 to removing all CCs. This would also be sufficient for our purposes. 

    This became abundantly apparent when I noticed that you can't control the information that is added to a ticket when recovering a suspended ticket as a comment in an existing ticket. Currently our agents have to recover the suspended ticket as a new ticket, remove the CCs then merge the ticket.

  • Matt Helder

    +1 if there is a vote on this topic.  Whether it be a remove CC from the ticket or the trigger, either would help.

  • Dean Houghton

    +1 on this... need to be able to prevent update emails being sent to cc's in certain situations (to prevent mail loops from automated systems).  Unfortunately a lot of our tickets are CC'd to our suppliers who have autoresponders... they use the same email address as normal replies so filtering does not help.

  • Janowiak, Seth

    I voted +1 on this as well:


    My use case is that if a ticket is flagged a "Production Down" = YES to add a CC. I'd like to clear the CC if the condition is changed to NO.

  • Stephen Birdsong

    +1 on removing all cc, as well as removing a selected user.


    We have employees who are no longer with the company who are still cc'ed on many tickets, and agents who's roles have changed, that no longer need to be cc'ed. Its too big of a job to manually change these.

  • Tam, Ka-Wing

    +1 on being able to remove one or more cc's via email trigger.

  • Dmitry Sumin

    +1 for this feature.


    Any expectations on when this could be done?

  • Shawn Friesen

    +1 for this feature

    When replying/answering a support ticket, I don't want my main Support email Cc'd.

  • Stephane Mikaty

    Hi all,

    It should at the very least be possible to allow the author of a private reply to remove himself (and himself only), when he writes a specific keyword in the reply. This would be done using a trigger definition like this one:

    When reply is private and the reply contains at least the word "@nocc", [remove <reply author> from CC]

    * "@nocc" is completely arbitrary in this case, substitute the part before the comma with any condition you like

    * <reply author> is dynamic

    * The part in [brackets] is the minimal viable implementation of this feature request.


  • Prosper Van

    I think being able to use triggers to add people to the CC list and a button to clear the list would be better, at least in our case here. Of course temporarily removing responding agents from the CC list if they are doing so via email.  

  • Prosper Van

    Unless the notifications triggers actually works that way.

  • Barberp

    I have a client that wishes to have nine people cc'd into their tickets is there a way this can be done automatically? I have tried to see if a macro could be configured but could not see that it could.

    It would really be useful to be able to use triggers to add people to the CC list or even to be able to use a macro to be able to do this.

  • Phillip Greene

    +1 for this feature

  • Sandra Juettner
    • 1 for the ability to automatically remove all ccs from ticket
  • Johannes

    +1 to this functionality

    I want ticket that has specific tag to exclude emailing users in the CC field (please refer to request #557405 for detail example)

  • Joanne Wells

    Wow, it looks like this feature has been in demand for over a year.  I am new to Zendesk and need to remove the cc on specific "new" tickets.   What I really need to do is remove specific addresses from the "cc" or "to" lines because they are addresses that generate tickets themselves.  This is similar to a blacklist, but we still want the email to come in, we just need those addresses to be removed upon entry.


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