SLA for agent-created tickets


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  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for your continued interest in this capability! I want to provide an update on our progress here. This is still something we plan to work on but it's been delayed. We now expect to release this during the first half of next year. There may be an EAP in Q1, so if that is the case I will post here about it. 

    I'm disappointed we didn't get this done in Q4, but I do want to highlight two alternatives which may be a suitable stop gap.

    1. Group SLAs (available to Enterprise plans) and the Group Ownership Time target only takes account of two things for measurement. The group assignment and the ticket status. It's not looking at comments at all, or who created the ticket. So, it is possible to apply a Group SLA for an agent created ticket. More here. We also just announced an enhancement to Group SLAs meaning you can now specify more conditions in the policy definition, giving you a lot more flexibility on when to apply a Group SLA. Read the announcement.

    2. Child tickets created through Side Conversations (available on Pro and up)  have different logic for SLA measurement on tickets where the agent is the requester. More here

    Other enhancements we've made to SLAs this year were Total Resolution Time and support for reply-time SLAs in Messaging

    More enhancements planned for 2024, and I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for the feedback, it's truly appreciated.



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