Change the order of the comments as an agent when viewing a ticket


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    Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey everyone, 

    I just wanted to share that we have now launched an EAP that will allow you to customize the conversation flow and composer location in tickets. Thanks so much for sharing your feedback and check out the following community announcement for more information: EAP Announcement: Configuring the conversation flow and composer location in tickets

    Have a great rest of your day!

  • Dean Wilson

    I cannot believe that the feedback being provided re sorting will not result in a prioritisation of the item to be added as an urgent item to the roadmap. It's not that hard to add the sort surely?

    Sorry but this is showing a clear lack of listening to the customers needs and only focusing on what Zendesk think we want not what we think we want.

  • Nick Lamb

    “Being considered for the future roadmap” is a disappointing update to this important item. We’ve already spoken to our rep and will be delaying the deployment of the new interface as long as we can while we wait for this feature. We really want to use the new interface and all that goes with it, but this change would have too much impact to justify it.

    Please listen to the community and figure this out.

  • Sebastian Thiele

    We switched form the classic view to agent workspace and my agents are absolut unhappy with the changed order. As more unhappy they get when I said there is no configuration for this.

    So Please prioritise this (small) feature.

  • Lars Prakken

    +1 for this.  We get quite a lot of complaints from our agents since this update.

  • Sari Siekkinen

    Our customer complain that when seeing their tickets on Help Center /your requests it is difficult to stroll down to add comments; as it is in here as well. It is annoying to find the newest in the bottom and write your comment on the bottom.

  • Randall Warning

    My agents are all complaining and it hasn't even been turned on 3 hours yet.  Some are investigating other ticketing systems simply because of this change.

  • Stephan Torcy

    We've just been forced into this new agent workspace and we hate it. Whoever thought it was a good idea to have new messages at the bottom needs to take a long hard look at their life. There is a very good reason new emails are sorted in top down order in your mail client which is that it doesn't make any sense to read from the bottom up. Zendesk is basically an email viewer. Why would you do this?

    If someone sends us a long email mid way in a support thread, we have to start searching for the top of their email then read back down. This makes literally no sense whatsoever. Why would you do this?

    Honestly looking at reviewing our support provider if this ridiculous change isn't reversed soon 🤬

  • Nick Lamb

    Is there any update on when this will be configurable in Agent Workspace? This is a blocker for our teams as our tickets get quite large and oldest first would dramatically damage our workflow.

  • Cezar Cociorba

    Please add an option to sort the view with the newest replies on the top. 

  • Nick Lamb

    @... Appreciate the update. Note: this is the primary reason we have not switched over to Agent workspace.

  • Sari Siekkinen

    Our reason as well not to use Agent workspaces is the WRONG order of comments on tickets.
    ALSO, our customers are complaining about it's wrong order of comments in their requests views in HelpCenter (just like in here in your Community comments it is annoying to go some threaths pages and pages until you find the latest comment).

  • Nick Lamb

    Kolten Kittleson just reiterating that this is still the primary reason we haven't switched to the new interface. This remains a blocker for my team as it greatly impacts our workflow to have comments in the last->first. 

  • John Mooney

    I know speak for the staff of my entire department and I'd like to join the requests that correspondences be viewable and sorted with the oldest comments first.

    It is remarkably inconvenient to have to scroll up to read everything for full context. Please consider making the implementation of this feature a top priority! 

  • Paul

    Any updates on this or an ETA when we can sort messages on newest first?

  • Jonathan Ruh

    The ability to change the order would be highly appreciated. 

    To be more precise, we would be OK with the newest message on top, if the ticket would actually load showing the latest message instead of the first message of the ticket. 

    When opening a ticket, we always have to scroll down first. If it would auto-scroll to the bottom, that would be great as well. 

  • Sydney Neubauer

    +1 for this ability

    Switching to Agent Workspace is already a big change for our Agents. We would like to limit the amount of change they experience and having the comments remain the way they are used to would be a huge plus.

  • Nicolas Jepsen

    I totally agree. This is a VITAL feature before we can proceed to the new interface. We just onboarded our Logistics department and they have really long conversations on a ticket. Due to the way tickets are sorted right now... for instance when the requester writes back from i.e Outlook (descending), all of the convo(replys) is pasted into the ticket and thus the newest response is not even in the bottom of the ticket window (ascending view) and you have to scroll through the previous responses to find the exact reply that was just given. This results in our department having to scroll through the ticket, spending alot of time figuring out where the newest response is... i get the overall idea behind having it mirror an omni-channel messenger setup, but this just doesnt work for larger conversations with outlook users, where the order is different. 

    Another thing which bothers me in general - why havent you made the interface support more views and customization hereof ? (this is an integral part of the work flow in a bigger multi department setup) and also the possibility of having a hierarchy of views ---> this in general means more control over ticket flow and suits the whole "agent workspace" interface idea. This should be standard and not something you have to buy from a 3rd party developer.

  • Nicolas Jepsen TEST

    How can you be that ignorant to your userbase. We have a whole department hating this. Preventing them in doing their jobs

  • Greg

    I've sent a complaint about it, and have not received any helpful answer - just few form texts saying how great new system is.

    And contacting Zendesk support is a mess - it feels like they are making it more complicated to stop people to contacting them. I hate "You can reach us in your messaging widget if you still need help"

    Looks like it's time to look around at another products


    My agents and end users are also complaining, as the order is now totally upside down respect to emails.

    When we receive an email, the last comment comes on top, and the last/original comment is at the bottom.

    When submitting an existing thread to Zendesk, then the comments coming from the email threads and from Zendesk are totally messed. Everything is upside down.

    This makes reviewing the last comments totally impractical, when tickets channel is the main ticket channel.

  • Andreas

    Im on Zendesk for Trial, this is really annoying that the old comments is first. One of our Agents just sent out a new parcel after they answered they received it since they did not notice the last comment. I dont understand why this not should be standard to re-sort the comments?

  • Seneca Spurling

    By not allowing us to choose the sort order, Zendesk is making it clear that they prioritize/prefer customers whose primary channel to support their customers is chat/real-time, not email.

    Unfortunately for us, email is the right choice for our company's support.

    It's a pretty strange thing that this isn't configurable. Why not let us change it? 

  • Eric Rizzo

    It's very disappointing that the comment order was changed in Agent Workspace without providing an option to choose comment order ascending or descending. Please consider offering this in the future.

  • Richard Meyer

    My team is conplaining so much we are considering doing away with Zendesk.  We loved it up to this point.  One of my team (when we first started using Zendesk) said "you will have to take this from my cold dead hands" now he is begging me to find a solution or throw it away.  

    I see by lack of priority that this is being viewed with, that I will have to throw Zendesk away. 

  • Nick Lamb

    Eckhard Doll ask your account rep to put a freeze on this. I don't know how long that will hold, but we've had them do this until this feature is implemented as the damage to our workflow from scroll-fatigue would be very high. 

    Will state again that we're ready to switch to the new interface and utilize new features, but are primarily blocked on this single item.

  • Matt Goodall

    +1 email is our primary channel and the sort order with Agent Workspace makes viewing long threads more difficult than before we made the switch

  • Phil Campeau

    This would be a very helpful feature, and not a particularly hard one to implement. 

  • Yesim Medl

    Yesterday, we have been "updated" to the Agent workspace. We can' believe that its not possible to 
    change the sorting of comments. My team is complaining, because its uncomfortable and makes our work become slower.


  • Kalle Windefalk

    +1 for this


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