Improved notifications and recovery for target failures

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  • Jason Kadlec

    YES!!! How are more people not blowing up this thread??!?!


    We have records of failed attempts - where the attempt was sent to a Redis based queue - pretty much the lightest thing our server to do.

    At the time stamp of the "failed attempt" - we have NO record of any downtime, errors or anything close to a maxed out CPU/Memory etc.


    WE NEED LOGS!!! 


    I would love all the same things Collin has requested, but I would start the list at #3, and put the link and the response platforms at the bottom of the list.


    We need, need, need logs so we know why something failed, and logs while it is disabled so we can back-fill manually.





  • Nathan Stowe

    Just got this error but there are no failures saved under my Channels > API > Target Failures section. :(

  • Michael Southwell

    Completely agree with everything Colin said above! This would be a vital improvement to the current setup. We are currently trying to figure out how to integrate alerts based monitoring for this, but we are having trouble figuring out the best approach, because emails are only being sent to the agents. which can often get missed, meaning it can be hours before the issue is resolved and there is no option to retry any previously failed attempts, short of manually going through all tickets since the outage!

  • TekDash Support

    i agree we should be able to turn off the automatic deactivation of extensions

  • Gautam Madaan

    A way for our systems to know the trigger disabled so we can react accordingly. Much needed! We are having to work around this, just so we can improve availability of our system.

  • Robert Sutherland

    This is beyond frustrating. Targets are disabled and we can't even figure out why. And no response is given to remedy the situation.

  • Collin C

    +1, me from 3 years ago. Again had a big issue caused by how Zendesk handles target failures.

  • Wayne Allen

    +1 also experiencing disabled targets, but no evidence of our system receiving any requests.


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