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    Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi All, this feature is now live on Agent Workspace. Please provide your feedback here: 

    We would love to hear from you about how you're liking this change and how it is impacting your workflows. Thanks! :)

  • Martin Sachs

    This would be huge for our team.  

  • Joel Hellman

    Agreed. The current behavior that macros are always inserted at the end of the comment is super irritating. It really slows you down when you're working with macros and detracts from having a good flow. 


  • Tiara Dees

    Do we know if this particular issue with inline macros will be addressed with the current Zendesk Macro Preview Beta? Our agents use macros pretty heavily and having the macro be inserted at the very end of an email (regardless of where the cursor is) is a bit of a pain-point for our team. 

    Has anyone else found any alternative solutions to this?

  • mlush

    Agreed. Hard to believe ZD still hasn't addressed this embarrassing setup.

  • Justin

    Is it true that macros still can't be placed where the cursor is?

  • Nick Tessieri

    Please address this!! I raised this in another thread close to 1-2 years ago (Improved Macro Usability) and it appears it can no longer be found.  The thread was long and had many people requesting this feature.  It seems a new one was just initiated here.  This is a serious workflow issue and should be targeted to complete. Thank you.

  • Andrew S

    Upvoting this as well! We've resorted to TextExpander as a work-around for some of this, but a native ability to do this would be great.

  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Upvoted. This is definitely wanted

    [Spoiler Alert]
    There is an app that allows you let agents more easily combine macros and/or text options.
    It's called Macro Assistant. In this case you might be looking at toggle fields feature.

    Yes, it is our app. 


  • Andreas Schuster


    Let's show some Community Moderator presence here 😉

  • Doug


    My team recently switched from markup to rich text formatting and noticed all of our macros now either include a line break (if the macro menu is opened with a keyboard shortcut) or the text cursor stays at the point of the macro insertion (if the macro menu is opened with the mouse).

    Googling the behavior lead me here and I just wanna make sure I understand this feature request and behavior properly:

    There is no way to insert a macro inline at the point of the text cursor and have the text cursor move to the end of the inserted macro's output when working with rich text formatting?

    It is very much tripping up our collective muscle memories and is a bit agitating having to go back and delete the line breaks or move the cursor to the end of the macro.

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Doug,

    I'm afraid what you're experiencing is currently the intended behavior when inserting macros into comments. At this time, there's no workaround to insert the text where the cursor is, and then have the cursor automatically move to the end of the inserted text. Sorry about this. But, we appreciate your input, and hopefully, the team will take another look at this when we go through future roadmap planning.

    Thanks Doug!

  • Doug


    Yeah if you could adjust that I would kiss you.

    Not to smartass (before he made a smartass remark) but it sounds a bit odd for the intended behavior to vary based on where the macro was selected via keyboard shortcut or mouse cursor.

    I also noticed it varies depending on whether the macro uses arguments or dynamic content; for example if the macro's output is the "if" in an if-then-else statement, there is no line break-- but if it is the output of the "else," there is a line break.

    So in summation, if our agents want to experience minimal hiccup writing up their responses with Rich Text enabled, they have to memorize which macros do and do not use if-then-else statements, which part of the if-then-else statement will be output if it does, and also remember the rule of thumb when using the keyboard shortcut or mouse to inset the macro. Failing to remember any of those factors results in an added time as they then have to go back and edit out line breaks, typically navigating via mouse and switching off form the keyboard.

    Compare that to having Markup enabled, which just inserts the macro at the text cursor every time, no matter the output, and moves the cursor to the end and lets you go on typin'.

    It just really ruins the "zen" mode one can get into when writing tickets for some of us who prefer to minimize the amount of time moving between the mouse and the keyboard.

    Thanks for the response and for your time reading my sassy feedback.

  • Dan Reyes-Cairo

    Yeah, this non-feature makes me sad! We're constantly building custom responses based on customer needs using macro details so adding this unnecessary newline just means that we're constantly having to backspace to get everything re-positioned in-line again.

    • Return key = easy. I can do that anywhere.
    • Up arrow, Command + right arrow, Delete a bunch = a hassle.

    What's worse is that you can actually add additional newlines to the macros themselves, so if people really wanted to have this behavior, they could just add it themselves.

    Please save us the keystrokes!!

  • Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We heard you! We are very close to releasing this change in the next couple of weeks - should be sooner. I'll update here once we are done. This change will be applied to composers on Agent Workspace :) 

  • Dan Reyes-Cairo


  • Doug



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