Ticket delivery for Guided mode in Agent Workspace

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  • Allen Lai | Head of CX at Otter.ai

    Totally agree. I feel Guided Mode is not ready for prime time because of how restricting it is.

    • No way to report on skipped tickets or at least tag them so managers/admins have an easy way to show which tickets were skipped or which agents are skipping the most.
    • Not every view should have Guided Mode enabled. For example, if an agent has tickets On-hold and they hear back from an engineer with a workaround, an agent has to click "Play" on a view and keep skipping until they find the on-hold ticket they are looking for. This is such a waste of time and suboptimal. Same for if an agent is looking for a specific Open ticket.
    • The "Your assigned tickets" view isn't edited to include On-hold tickets or grouped in a certain way to make it easier to find the ticket they're looking for.

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