Show ticket title in tab, not requester name

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  • Alex Smith

    I know a lot of folx here are upset by this aspect of the layout change, as am I.  Our company frequently works on multiple tickets from the same customer simultaneously, so this change makes it inconvenient to track all the tickets (inconvenient, not impossible).  Hopefully we can get this changed back in a future update.

    That said, I really love how the composer window is now separate from the ticket comments, that will make my life so much easier.  And Zendesk is a great product over all, especially compared to the ticketing system (or lack thereof) we had before!  Thanks for all you do, and for being open to our feedback.

  • Scott Davis

    + 1. We just move to the new agent workspace, and alas, are also missing the subject in the tabs.

     It is easier to keep track of tickets when using the subject, not the submitter. We have submitters who submit many tickets.

  • Dan Cabrera

    Between this and the strange new editor that hogs the screen and also doesn't allow you to toggle between Internal and Public replies... are these changes run/made by people that actually use the product?  Even if that answer is yes, I find it hard to believe it was a clear choice, in which case, PLEASE make these things OPTIONAL so that everyone wins vs making the users regret the product.

  • Thomas Wales

    +1, did the change today and this was the first feedback retrieved. 

  • JJ Miclat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Howdy folks!

    JJ here, Group Product Manager at Zendesk,

    In regards to the feedback around the requester displaying on ticket tabs instead of the subject - we hear you, appreciate you being transparent on how you feel about Agent Workspace, and our product development teams are working on providing customers with configurable functionality of what could be placed in their tabs, rather than a blanket approach.

    We'd love to hear more about this feedback live. Please join us on Thursday, October 13th at 11 AM CST for our PM Roundtable on Agent Workspace. Chat with us on what is and isn’t working with recent UI changes, your product experiences, and share your feedback directly with the product team.

    The link to register can be found here. Please note: If you're having trouble signing up, you may need to create a login for usergroups. Thanks!

  • Maxine Levine

    +1! Having the name instead of the title makes it twice as hard to differentiate between tickets, and figure out which ticket you're supposed to be working on.

  • Thomas Wales

    I understand that it's been agreed that Zendesk should be able to do this, when will get feature be worked / released?



  • Service Clients

    +1, agree too we need the subject in the tab title instead of the requester name 

  • Trust Payments Ltd.

    Should be configurable to choose  between the two at least.  Or - at least display the title when you hover on the tab

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    How about giving Admins the ability to decide for ourselves? If our agents like the subject, we can set it to show the subject. If our agents like the requester, we can set it to show the requester.

    Make it dynamic and configurable for us!

  • Joe Gran

    Please add this soon.

  • Aurelie Martel

    +1, agree too we need the subject in the tab title instead of the requester name.

    Can you at least make it configurable to choose between the two?

  • Jeremy Trott

    Is there any movement on this?  The PM Roundtable was back on October 13th and I haven't seen any updates about it.

  • Erkin Yasar


  • Matt Goodall

    +1 we have many customers email us multiple times a day about different subjects/third parties and it is now a lot more inefficient keeping track of tickets

  • Anthony Severo

    JJ Miclat Are there any updates on the status of making this feature customizable? I felt heard at the Roundtable in October, but I don't believe there's been any news since then. Thank you!

  • Alex McFarlane

    from "We will not force Agent Workspace upon you until it’s in a better state for you to thrive in."

    Does this mean we will have the option to change the tabs back to ticket subject before Agent Workspace is forced upon us in March?

  • Anna Driscoll

    I am only now seeing this change, and it's horrendous.

    There is no way seeing the requestor name is more helpful than the ticket title.

    Please provide a way for changing this as this will cause a lot of issues on our end.

    To quote the comment above me, "Why did you mess with success?!?"

  • Boris Schütt


    How many ratings do you need to make changes? Or do you only count unsubscriptions?

  • Jason COCKING


    Our agents identify tickets by subject, not by requestor name. 

    We need to have the subject line in the tabs again. It is unmanageable with the ticket requestor's name.

  • Leigh KELSEY

    I'm on Jason's team above and adding a +1 that this is a pan point.

  • Alex McFarlane

    I raised a ticket with Zendesk to ask when the option to show ticket subject on the tab would be implemented, given that they had already committed to doing this ( 

    This is what I got back:

    Noly Maron Unson (Zendesk Support)
    Feb 2, 2023, 8:07 AM CST
    Hi Alex,
    Good day.
    This has been raised to our development team and they mentioned that they are hoping to provide an update within this quarter but specific details are not mentioned.
    I hope I can provide a more specific and timeframe-oriented answer but this is currently what is being shared with us.
    Thank you for your patience with this matter and let me know if you need anything else
    Noly Unson
    Technical Support Specialist Engineer
  • Joshua

    +1 to Ethan's comment. Having the option to see the Ticket Title would be very very helpful to have back for those who prefer to see the Ticket Title, so they have context for which ticket they should be working. That said, I can understand that some may prefer to have the Requester name show on a ticket. Thank you!

  • Teresa Goodnough

    100% agree our team needs the ticket subject back in the tab title or the option to use Ticket Subject and Ticket Number or Requester and Ticket Number 

  • Shawn Rasmussen

    I too am concerned about this with Agent Workspace being forced on us in a just a few short days. I think we need a reply from a Zendesk PM to give an update on this serious issue. Is the forced conversion to Agent Workspace delayed? Or are we going to be stuck with this?

    I hope they seriously consider delaying the Agent Workspace conversion until this is addressed.

  • Holly

    Adding a +1 to this as well for it to be configurable. It is so much more valuable for us to have the subject than the requester. 

  • Meredith Sherrill

    +8 (me + my team members)

    We just switched to Agent Workspace to test it out before the forced switch. It's a huge pain point for our agents that the ticket tab now shows the requester name vs. ticket subject. They all want the ticket subject back!

  • David

    Hello everybody,

    we also miss the subject title in the ticket tab. My colleagues and me we are working with many opened tabs and need the information of the subject to identify.

    We want the ticket subject back! 

  • Alex McFarlane

    Well done Zendesk - subject title is back on ticket tabs

  • Ethan Smith

    Alex McFarlane where are you seeing this? I still see the requester's name in the tab


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