Increasing Zendesk email file attachment size

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  • Steven Granner

    I agree with Mitchell! Having the ability to accept larger file attachments in Zendesk Support without the need to use a third-party file hosting service (with security concerns) would be a great addition to the platform. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for re-posting your feedback here, Mitchell and Steven. :) 

  • Mark Anderson

    is the limit still 20mb? that's quite low by todays standards, it should be at least 35-50mb

  • Support

    It would be great to have the ability to have control over file size limits for file attachments, even being able to set it lower than the built-in default.

    Our support team wants to be able to receive screenshots from a requester, which are typically under a few hundred KB in size, as those can help us troubleshoot technical issues.

    However we do not want requesters sending us their personal documents or videos directly, as it is not the responsibility of our support people to handle these files. These attachments may contain sensitive information or research and should not be saved to our Zendesk file storage.

    In our case, setting a smaller file attachment limit (such as 1 MB) would greatly reduce the instances where we have to redact the documents sent by requesters who misunderstand the role of our support team. We waste a fair amount of time redacting attachments and explaining why the attachments have been removed from the ticket.


  • Stuart Straub

    There are quite a few times where our agents need to send large files for business transactions. Being able to send files larger than 50mb using Zendesk would be incredibly helpful.


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