CC / Followers Tags not adding into the ticket

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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Ramarjan - 
    You've posted to the right place, but it's most helpful if you can articulate your use case here, using this template: Product Feedback Post Template
    That way, other users are able to see what you're requesting, and can upvote and add their own uses cases as comments, so that our Product team can better understand how important this is to the community as a whole. Sorry for any misunderstanding!
  • T Ramarajan

    Feature Request Summary: 

    CC / Followers Tags should be captured into the ticket

    Description/Use Cases:

    We are trying to prfioritize and create the triggers based on the CC / Followers Tags.

    Business impact of limitation or missing feature:

    To improve better experience for premium customers and reduce the escalation for Top most premium customers



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