Agent Workspace: view conversation permissions for Light Agents

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  • Trudy Slaght

    We utilize light agents specifically with our engineering team as in the example given here. Being able to view all the details of a ticket when reviewing it is necessary - while we typically have moved to email by the time most of the relevant details are present, it doesn't make a lot of sense that light agents wouldn't be able to see those things when they are notified of internal notes on a ticket when they're added as a CC.

    I would agree with this being functionality that would be expected to be present.

  • Cameron Milne

    I agree, the system needs to be upgraded to allow it to serve its basic function. This could be actioned so quickly by your team, I'm personally amazed it doesn't do it already (unlike competitors such as Intercom). Currently we are having to 'Solve' a ticket just so light agents can view it. Why?


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