New feature - Side- conversation email, restrict domain names and/or restrict to pre-defined drop down list

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  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Ian. We don't have this capability at this time, but I was wondering how many of these you would need. A workaround in the meantime, if it's not too many, would be setting up some macros that are addressed to the specific email addresses and training the agents to use those macros instead of initiating bare side convos. Otherwise I've noted your request for domain restriction and some way of limiting the recipient pool.

  • Ian Marston

    Toby Sterrett any updates on this since last year?
    We have hundreds of stores with individual email addresses we sometimes need to reach out to directly, it would be great to only allow agents ability to search and select specific set of verified mailboxes, to avoid typos and to also restrict agents ability to communicate outside the company domain mailboxes or approved suppliers

  • Amanda Rice

    +1 - our agents raised the concern of sending a side conversation to a customer in error. They also expressed frustration with finding the correct side conversation recipient among our 30,000+ end users. Providing the functionality to limit side conversations by domain or other means would address this issue.

  • Libby Tooke-Mitchell

    +1 - our agents have expressed similar concerns, we've also had issues with typos meaning emails are not being sent.

    As a temporary work around (in case it helps others) is setting up company emails as light agents and uploading the company logo as their image which helps agents identify the ones they should use. 

    I'd either like to restrict side conversations to certain domain names and/or configure a specific list or be able to restrict it to light agents only, any of these options would help to resolve the issue. 


  • Salokya Mathur

    Any Update on this ?

    Can't we hide side conversation.


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