Create Zendesk Support Apps faster with this boilerplate


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  • Pablo Gonzalez

    This is great! thanks!!

  • Oleg

    I am preparing a big update for the boilerplate for those who like TypeScript and typesafety during application developments.

    Using this boilerplate, you will be able to make requests to Zendesk from your applications with a complete typesafety and auto-complete.

    As you know ZAF is not provided in a form of a npm package, hence does not have any @types at all, making the development slow when you need to access specific properties.

    Here is a small demo on what the boilerplate will be able to provide for you:


    Not only you get intellisense during request typing of all available properties in a shape how Zendesk really expects you to make a request, but also a completely typed response as well.

  • Oleg

    There is also an update to the boilerplate being prepared that allows you to easily run any framework of your choice (or just vanilla js) for multiple locations at once.

    Say, you have an application that you spin up in ticket sidebar and you want the same application to be accessible in Navbar or Ticket Editor - we got you covered :)

    Come hang @ Discord with us if you like what you see, I will be providing updates on this work and happy to discuss any other future updates to the boilerplate, so that you can start building your support applications faster and easier.


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