Zcli deploy stuck

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  • Sal

    This happens to me when I have a requirements file that cannot be fulfilled or my app_id does not match with the current app or when the parameters have changed.

    Uploading seems to accept and handle the validation better whilst ZCLI just hangs.

    There should be a ZCLI log file that you can inspect

  • Martin Blaustein

    Thanks Sal, 

    I've checked and the app_id is ok, I was missing the parameters but I have added them all, I can't find any documentation on this so maybe I didn't do it in the right way

    "app_id": 6589xxxxxx,
    "parameters": {
    "env": "prod",
    "apiKey": "xxxx",
    "test": "yyyy"

    is this ok? App is still stuck


    P.D.: I can't find any logs anywhere


  • Dev

    Hello Martin Blaustein,

    How much time did you wait? Sometimes it can take ages until the app is uploaded, especially if you have a lot of files in your assets directory.

    To get deep into this, you can manually perform the update command. To do it, you need to make the following three steps:

    1. Upload your app package 
    2. Update app. You'll get job_id here, and you need to wait until the success status.
    3. Install app

    By making request by request, you'll be able to see where the update command gets stuck or fails. API responses can also gives a clue what can be wrong.


  • Martin Blaustein

    Hi Andriy,

    Thanks a lot by doing I discovered that the app_id I was using was wrong, with the correct id the upload works great!

    Thanks for your help, 

    Best Regards,


  • m

    I also had issues w/ stuck deploys (using zcli apps:update dist), where the upload finished, but no "Deploying..." message ever displayed in Github actions. We ended up using curl directly w/o issue - reference gist


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