A noob question about merge hooks and invocations

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  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi there! We don't have any listeners/events for ticket merges, probably because of the nature of how ticket merges take place. Specifically, it's a background job that is initiated from the UI (or API) but doesn't make any changes to the current window until after the merge has already completed. So by the time we have anything observable available in ZAF, the merge has already happened. Since we can't unmerge, the long and short of it is there isn't a way to stop this behavior via a ZAF app.

    Apologies for the news, but at the very least at least you have a better understanding why it isn't possible.

  • test-user

    Thank you for your reply Greg, totally makes sense now. Already found a workaround, so the issue is resolved. :)


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