Extract/export ticket data from Zendesk to another ticket platform using the API

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  • Jon Daniels
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Sara!

    I would first start with this article to get some of the basics of what you can do: What are my ticket export options?

    For accounts on any plan, utilize the API. To export tickets in bulk, use the API end-point of the incremental ticket events with comment_events in side-load.

    There is more detail on how to use the incremental export endpoint here: Using the Incremental Exports API.

    The supported side-loads for Tickets are as follows:
    brands, custom_statuses, users, groups, organizations, last_audits, metric_sets, dates, sharing_agreements, comment_count, incident_counts, ticket_forms, metric_events (single ticket), slas (single ticket)

    Hope this helps your team get started on this process! While we can't assist with custom code or scripting that would be required for this, we'll do our best to address any issues you run into as you query these endpoints - reach out to us in-product any time!

  • Андрей Семенцов

    Hello, Sara.

    Which ticket platform you wish to migrate to?

    For your request try to use this endpoint it's more relevant for Ticket events, but i see, it contain and other information you needed:


  • Sara Pearson

    Андрей Семенцов ServiceNow 


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