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  • Damien Messé

    Same feedback for me. I also need to quickly how many members are occupying a seat agents to manage the paid licences that we have.

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    I do concur with both @... and @....

    However, I would prefer a possibility to group by - for instance, by role, including a group total so you can see how many licenses of the given type are assigned currently.

  • Tom Dupuche
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the great feedback. 

    Displaying more information and the ability to customise the Team members list is coming through as consistent feedback. We'll investigate what that could look like.


    Tom Dupuche

    Senior Product Manager - Team & license management


  • Angelique Paulus

    Really like this new page and can't wait to see the new features that will be added to this page.
    Things I would suggest are:

    • Option to filter and/or add a column to see if the team members are suspended or not. 
      Now all suspended users are shown in this standard view, but on a day to day basis the suspended users are not that interesting to view, would like to see the active ones in the standard overview.
    • Option to add extra columns including the user fields that we created ourselves. For instance we have created a 'department' field on the users that would be added value for us. 
    • Option to search for a certain user in this overview
    • Option to export (to Excel/CSV) the agents overview including the option to either select columns (based on standard and users fields) or to export all user data. 

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