Next available ticket/Stay on ticket default option

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  • Kirill Akimov

    I absolutely agree with Kris! 

    In my organization, we have the following problem:
    some sales managers choose the "close ticket" option after its saving and sometimes internal app errors occur that lead to loss of data, but they can't note this fact as the ticket has been closed till this moment. 

  • Monika Slack

    Dear Zendesk Team, is there a chance you make this option available? My organisation would also benefit from this option being set up as default. 

  • Claire Gustaff

    Totally agree with this! Our team makes multiple comments per ticket, and needing to toggle to Stay on Ticket for every ticket leads to a lot of lost work.

    Would love to see this be a feature added. 

  • Annelies Van der Sanden

    We are transforming our service desk and are now testing the flow when working with the play button.

    This came up as one of the first remarks. So upvoted!


    How many upvotes do we need for a go? :D


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