Sandbox SSO & Integration testing

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  • Mike

    @... we have set up SSO in our sandbox by setting the configuration under [yoursandboxaccount]

  • Paul Hendrix

    @..., thank you for the note.

    I was successful at setting up SSO in my sandbox from the Zendesk side, but for JWT SSO, the return-to URL in the location header does not match what is returned in my production environment, which is breaking the SSO integration flow from my IDP.  After opening a support ticket, I was directed by Zendesk support to come here to request full SSO support be added to sandboxes as it is currently officially not supported per the Zendesk documentation.

    The sandbox does not replicate the following items:

    • Help Center content and customizations
    • Zendesk Talk data
    • Zendesk Chat data and customizations
    • Security settings (including SSO)
    • API tokens
    • Apps and integrations
    • Conditional fields
    • Twitter user identities
    • Zendesk Support triggers, automations and custom fields

    Testing integrations, be they standard apps or SSO auth, seems to me a primary use case for a sandbox.  Not having these workflows officially supported by the Zendesk sandbox is restrictive. 

  • SaaS Alternatives

    Mike thank you for the note. 



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