New agent workspace, save reply re-sizing


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    Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello everyone!

    We're very excited to announce that we are rolling out composer resize persistence starting today. Please share your feedback here:

    Thank you!

  • Andreas Schuster

    Hi @...

    Looks like Zendesk did not implement this feature you expect from the new workspace.
    Did you already try a tool like Tampermonkey to fix it yourself?


  • Tommy

    Yes, I see no reason for it to not save. I have a lot of complaints from agents. Hope, Zendesk will look into this feature request 

  • Simon

    Plus one for this feature. I'd also like to see the text/reply box expand as the user continues typing rather than having to stop and resize as more text is added.

  • Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello all,

    Thanks for providing feedback.

    We're starting our work on this feature request: Persist the composer resize preference across all tickets. I'll be sure to update here once we release this enhancement.


  • Richard Harris

    Overnight the note box has changed to become very small. Had a few users reach out to say this has become harder to use. As the post above they cannot change the default size.


    Was this change last intentional? Why was it changed, was it based on user feedback? Our users are not a fan of the change

  • Geena

    We are experiencing the same issue with our agents - the text box (composer field) is very small and if they expand it. It won't stay for the next ticket/chat. Agents are saying it is very annoying and hard to use as well 

  • Tommy

    Edit: Turns out, it is not Zendesk issue, but a Grammarly addon. The addon needs to be deleted and reinstalled. 

  • Rick Marx

    Can confirm the answer from Tommy works, thanks!


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