Notification if No Email Address Associated with Requester

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  • Mindy B

    I can't believe this doesn't already exist. If you aren't using SMS, there is no other way to send a message via text - so if a public message is sent and there is no email, the system should provide some type of notification that the requestor does not have an email address on their contact card. 

    When this mistake is made, it's very difficult to go back and find to correct. You only find out after it's too late in most cases because the agent sent the pertinent info, but the requestor never got it. 

  • Dave E

    Yes we need this too, a warning message exist if the ticket requester has a sample/test domain,


    We need this same warning to show if the user does not have an email. As our staff will assume the user got an email when in fact nothing was sent..

    Please prioritize. 

  • Eric Cheadle

    We need this feature as well. Seems like it would be pretty simple. We get tickets that are voicemails sometimes. If a return call doesn't pick up, we will often email reply to the ticket. If the email isn't in the ticket, and we forget to manually add the email, then there is an email reply being sent into the void. Would love a little pop up or help text letting my agents know that there is no email in ticket or CC, so may not be reaching anyone

  • Neil Mathes

    +1 Piling on to the need here.

    At present, I'm occasionally reminding our agents to "Be sure to glance over to the right at the Zendesk User Data app widget to ensure the requester has an email address when you save a Public Reply", but this is a pretty inefficient approach.

    I understand that one is not required to send notifications to requesters for Public replies, so ZD may not want to implement a universal data validation restriction.  However, email notifications to requesters for Public replies is default Zendesk behavior, so at the very least a soft / dismissible / ignorable pop-up or warning would be appropriate.

    Going one step further, I would even settle for a trigger condition for "requester has no email address", which I could use to send the agent an email afterwards.  For example, "FYI: You just sent an email to nowhere on #12345."  To be clear, an in situ warning would be preferable.

  • David Fortich



    There's also no easy workaround, since you can't create triggers to watch for this; there are no conditions that search for the requester's email.

  • Johannes Ganter

    + 1. This is an absolutely crucial gap to be closed. Agents easily overlook the missing email address. There's has to be an error/warning message, or the ability to create a trigger condition. 

  • Mikael H

    It's hard to believe a huge platform like Zendesk does not provide this very basic function. We need automatic system replies to reach us so that we know if we are using an email address that does not exist.

  • Mathias K


    Like the others in this thread I would like to see a solution to this issue. It seems like a rather trivial issue since a trigger notifying the agent that there is no email attatched would go a long way.  

  • Tommy

    A much-needed feature for sure. Trigger condition would work the best

  • Ronit Gieske

    We just came across this issue too. Wow! There's got to be a solution for this. Zendesk - are you listening?


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