Tip: Using Agent Signatures to include gender pronouns

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  • Dave Dyson

    Thanks for this fantastic tip, Dan!

  • Andrey Sarapulov

    Also, for more advanced signatures you can use Zignatures App

  • Tim G

    Nice tip Dan!! 👍

    We've been using signatures slightly differently, so we weren't able to re-use the signature field specifically for this. What we did to get around it was:

    1. Created a custom field called 'pronouns' (the field key is also pronouns) that agents can populate with the pronouns that they prefer in their profile.

    2. Updated our signature in Zendesk to:

    {{agent.name}} {%if agent.custom_fields.pronouns != blank %}({{agent.custom_fields.pronouns}}){% endif %}

    That then lists the agent's name in the signature as normal, and if the agent has listed any pronouns, it will list their pronouns after their name (in brackets). The rest of our company signature then follows on from that on the next lines.

  • Dave Dyson

    Thanks for this, Tim!


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