Feature Request - Ability to edit closed tickets

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  • John DiGregorio

    Although this is a major hinderance for most of us, please let's act in a professional manners, and educate the vendor on the importance.    Please keep in mind, the reason they restrict doing this is so people don't tax the system.   If you have 100 users trying to update 30K closed cases at the same time it is 3 million records.   I am sure Zendesk needs to think through the right solution.   Perhaps scheduled updates - where we specify the tickets and they do them single threaded first in first out

  • Colby Mueller

    zendesk what's the update on this feature request?

  • Reshma Patel

    Any new developments being made related to this? We would really like the ability to update closed tickets even if its limited to just admins or via api. This will help us from a data and analytics perspective as we review our old incidents that are misclassified or were not linked to a problem record.  

  • Sarah J Siajuat

    Zendesk Team, This feature is really important for the admins. Any Update please?

  • Conny Svanberg

    Extremely important for us to update closed tickets. Without it, we'll be set back years on reporting

  • Yanko Chakarov


  • Bryan Haeussler

    Any chance of getting an update on this one Gaurav Parbat?  Doesn't seem likely it made it into the 2022 roadmap but maybe is still being considered?

    Just want to add another comment in support of some feature to at least allow editing TAGS from the API or some other developer accessible portal.  It is really painful to try and clean up custom fields supported by tags and find that you cannot really remove anything without a huge impact to your legacy data/searching/views. For example, "Cameras" in the custom field 'category' is changed from "camera" to "cameras" at the tag level and now the entire history of that field becomes largely inaccessible to 99% of users. To find old tickets with the same category (the end users only ever saw 'Cameras' as the category) they need to know it was at one point ID'd as 'camera.'  There is no real way to know this unless you document it outside the system.

    I am sure there are performance considerations but opening it up through the standard ticket/bulk ticket APIs would at least limit how many and how often users could do the updates while also giving them the ability to queue up fixes.

    P.S. if you are reading this and having issues with Explore I suggest creating a custom attribute and making use of 'IF ELSE' statements to wrap your old tags into their 'new' versions.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Of course, Leigh, glad to help.
  • Jeff Stephenson

    I had a logic issue with some tags that I need to fix/remove on closed tickets using automations. Please advise when this ability will be in place.

    Would like an update on this request so I can inform our internal steak holders when I will be able correct these tickets.  

  • Jonathan Dahl

    I was told in a support ticket that this has been pushed to the first half of 2023. 

  • Shahab Sabet

    As someone who works with data quality, it is incredibly frustrating that closed tickets are uneditable. It makes data from Zendesk unreliable the second an agent makes a mistake and the ticket is automatically closed. It makes simple integrations require complex solutions to remove duplicates because Zendesk does not support editing/opening closed tickets, but only follow-ups tickets, and literally a manager who has the responsibility to monitor and fix errors made by agents before the automation kicks in.

    My recommendations:

    1) Don't use zendesk
    2) If you are stuck with Zendesk, don't build a DA architecture that uses ticket data from Zendesk as master data, because tickets are designed to be impossible to edit once they are closed, making errors unfixable unless you sink a bunch of time solving something that should have been a non-issue
    3) Create a follow up ticket where you copy paste the original ticket data, update the fields you need to update in the new ticket, and delete the old one to avoid duplicate data.

  • Franca Meggiolaro

    Hello, it's a very good news that closed ticket will be updatable within 2022!

    We need to update the object if it contains customer's name, because of privacy restrictions.

    Thank you in advance for keeping me informed!

  • Rodrigo Ruz

    We started using zendesk in april this year, we bring the previous structure from support center, now after a few months we have managed to identify some categories that are used as a multi, or need to create or delete categories as a part of the living cicle but now we need to update some categories to get the correct data after the new categories are added and the one removed but wil be having old data.
    Now i have to be adding formula after formula to get some data to make analysis but if we keep moving due to the cicle and cannot update we cannot have the right data for analysis.
    +1 to this.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Leigh, I'm afraid it's not possible to update Closed tickets via API or in any other way.
  • Leigh Kelsey

    After further discussion yesterday, it was shared that, for compliance reasons, we should not be manipulating old data in any case, even if it were possible.

    Thank you, @... for the response. Appreciated.

  • Nazir Kabbani

    Workaround? create a automation the opens then solves tickets every 20 days so they never stay solved for 28 days until the cut off of your choosing (repeat 20 days automation many times?)


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