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  • Ashwin Raju
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Robert, Cedric, Paul, KOLOGIK, Tawnya - I do realize that a lot of our customers are frustrated about not having Multi-select fields in Users and Organizations. 

    The team was building the new custom objects  experience this year and hence we couldn't build the multi-select field for users and organizations. I believe that some of your use cases can be solved with a combination of custom objects and lookup fields.  

    Having said that I will work on using your feedback to push for this feature to be built with Users, Organization and Custom object fields in 2024. 

  • Corentin BERTEAU

    Hi Ashwin Raju

    +1 this feature is a must have. 

  • Reed David

    Just ran into this limitation. Why can't we use multi-select lists on User records? Please prioritize this, I was surprised to learn this isn't possible and it's a real gap for us. 

  • Eddie Sawyers

    Agreed, this would be a HUGE win for us, but it doesn't appear they're committed to adding this.  Seems like something that would be used by a ton of people.  

  • Thomas Joussot

    +1 Can't wait! Is there any ETA?

  • Tawnya Cavanaugh

    Ashwin Raju Can you expand on what you mean by "I believe that some of your use cases can be solved with a combination of custom objects and lookup fields."

  • Ashwin Raju
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We are trying to squeeze this into our 2024 plan. I will keep you posted in the next couple months. 


    Tawnya Cavanaugh - Lets imagine that a company sells a list of products. When they get to John Doe's page, they would like to see what products John Doe has purchased. Ideally, if this is a small set of products, the company would like to use a multi-select. But here's the alternative solution with custom objects.
    Scenario 1: Let's assume you have a small list of products (10-20 products) which fit perfectly in a drop down. Create a Custom object called Product Purchase. You will have 1 default field called Name that will show up. You can probably rename it as Purchase ID (if you have a purchase ID), if you want to this field to be searchable. If not, you can always repurpose it to be a Serial Number field or quantity field. But this is a mandatory field. Create a Lookup field in the Product Purchase object called "Customer" that points to User object. Create a drop down field that lists all the Products that are sold by the company..You can always add more data into the object - like Purchase Date if you need to.  Add records into the object. Let's say John bought an iPhone 15S. You can add the following record
    Purchase ID = A1234
    Customer = John Doe
    Product = iPhone 15S
    When you get to John's profile, you can see all his purchases in the Related Lists tab

    Scenario 2: Customer has a large set of products. The remaining scenario is stil the same. 
    In this case, you would want to create a second custom object called Product.. And instead of creating the drop down in the "Product Purchase" that has Product, create a Lookup field that points to the "Product" custom object. The remaining structure is the same. 

  • Ashwin Raju
    Zendesk Product Manager

    You can find more details on custom objects here -

  • Chris Doyle

    I need to sync salesforce muti-select field over to zendesk orgs - which I currently can't do as there isn't an option to create a multi-select field in ZD - unless I am missing something?

  • Joern Roennow

    Any updates on the long-awaited feature to address the absence of custom multi-select fields for users and organizations? It's a 'must-have,' and the community has been requesting it for quite some time. Appreciate your attention to this matter.

  • Ashwin Raju
    Zendesk Product Manager

    The great news is that we have started working on it. In a couple of weeks, I can give you more insights into when you can expect this feature to come out

  • Bobby Koch
    Zendesk Luminary

    Ashwin Raju

    Question for you - 

    1. Any update on the above? 

    2. Here is my use case

    -- My company sells software, a few types. 

    When customers reach out to us, we want to track their organization name. 

    - we would also like to find a way to store each of their purchases so that agents select which is relevant, to that specific company, when they reach out. Example:

    Org A "Raju's Company" - purchased Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
    Org B "Bobby's Company" purchased Word and Excel

    When we both create tickets, I want the agent, on your ticket, to only select between Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. On my ticket, in the same drop-down, I want them to only have Word and Excel as options. 

    Is this possible? The source of truth is Salesforce (org = account, purchases = opps) if that is relevant. 

  • Ashwin Raju
    Zendesk Product Manager

    hi Bobby.. Update -  We are targeting to release the feature in first half of Q2. Having said that there may be limitations around Reporting and Sandbox copying when we release the feature initially

    For your use case, I have a better solution with custom objects.. 

    Copy your Opportunities in Salesforce to a custom objects called "Purchases". Associate each purchase to the customer using a Lookup field.. 
    Question 1- where do I find my organization purchases? 
    Answer - You will find them in the Related lists in Organization?

    Question 2 - When Bobby from Bobby's company is initiating a request, you want a drop down which will show up only the purchases made by Bobby's company.
    Answer - In a couple of weeks, we are releasing dynamic filters on lookup fields.. With that feature, an Admin can setup a filter like
    In "Associated Purchase" lookup field in a ticket pointing to Purchases object, only show the Purchases made by the Ticket's Organization. 

    Limitation of this solution is - You cannot select multiple purchases in the ticket.  If you need that capability you have 2 choices:
    1) use forms to show up additional lookup fields. This solution can still work there
    2) Use multi-select fields - this solution will not work there.. You will get a static list of all products


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