Create custom sections in ticket forms

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  • Karl Orsborn

    I've added my vote to this feature request. We've now added conditional fields to our ticket form and to be able to label sections of the form would be hugely beneficial to the user experience for our agents.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks, Karl. We'll continue collecting votes and comments on this idea to gauge interest and the level of need. 

  • Ciara

    This would also be very helpful to our business situation, please consider this request. One would think that this kind of feature would already be implemented.


  • Tomasz Czarny

    Upvoting this idea! 

  • Claudia Ramos

    Has there been any further progress on this?  We would definitely vote for this change!


  • Andrew Berigan

    8 months and no reply? Can we get an update on if this is something that's been looked into? 

  • Susan Biehl

    I would like this for my agents as well, especially when the life of the ticket is broken up into sections. Or to be able to create sections on the ticket for different departments.


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