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  • Faruk Karalija

    I wrote yesterday comments regarding the issues I have by sending internal messages instead of public ones to the end users.

    The internal note definitely should be coloured darker than it is currently. Internal notes are confident data between agents and the company and you should make some changes about this. I can see there is no update for a long.

    A great idea would be for agents to have their themes for their workspace. Their unique view of their profiles. That would be more relaxed and less monotonous. I'm not talking about childish backgrounds or themes with pictures of superheroes. I'm talking about stylish and professional backgrounds for ayes and a good mood.

  • Susana Fernández Guinea

    There's a different colour background for internal notes, which is great!

    However, since we implemented Agent Workspace and Messaging, users are getting confused between emails and messaging in the comment box as they are the same colour.

    It would be great if we could have a different colour for Messaging, Email and Internal Notes. This will really help the agents confidently submit public replies to the end users through the correct channel.

  • Ian Marston

    We would like to see a different colour to the standard light yellow on internal note comments
    I appreciated there is an "Internal note" text, but it would still be nice to have a more differentiated/obvious colour background

    Also, if we could have a different background colour for internal notes depending it it was added by agents and system generated internal notes (e.g. API), that would be great

  • Nevin George

    With the newest update to my extension, you can now change the background colour for internal notes. This includes the text input field as well as comments within tickets.


    I hope people can find this useful :)

  • Sam Lin

    Nevin George Great extension! After accidentally replying to 2 tickets publically with internal notes, I came looking for a solution. Thank you for your great work!

  • Martin Chong

    +1 for me to be able to change the background colour of the comments and also be able to to set alternate background colours to a long list of the comments in Zendesk support.

    For example, alternate white and cyan background for each comment. That is, the first comment is with a white background; the second comment a cyan background; the third comment white background again; fourth cyan etc.

    Without the alternate background colours, it is hard for users to differentiate the borders between two actual comments and between email threads (within one same comment) as their borders look similar.

    This is especially worse with the new workspace interface. I'm not objecting to any improvements or changes made to the old workspace interface. However, I failed to understand why the new workspace interface is designed in this way and yet customers are forced to use it. It's a failed UI design for email support customers.

    The arrangement comments flow is hard to manage. It's a torture to use. Productivity is down.


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