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    Bailey Whitaker-Lea
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Everyone - 

    New PM for Triggers & Automations here, catching up on the requests in the Community. It has been great to see all the feedback from you! I certainly understand your frustrations around needing more flexibility in your trigger conditions and actions. While we are actively working to improve Triggers this is not a feature we currently have planned, however it is in our backlog of potential improvements. 
    Thank you for sharing your use cases as this helps our Product teams tremendously to know what is most important to you. 

  • Jim Cooper

    That would be really useful. 

    We're trying to setup a trigger or automation to carbon copy customers into certain tickets but there doesn't seem to be that option - can only copy in agents, not end users.

  • Martin

    If you already know the domain, you can just create an organization and use that for a trigger.

  • Jahmai Lay

    Yes, I'd like to be able to say "If sender email domain ends in .uk then assign the ticket to UK Support Group", similarly for other countries.

  • Ranjith Claessens | SendCloud

    This would be a very hulpful feature for us as well since we don't want our users to do all from a from but give them the opportunity to e-mail us directly. 

  • Juz

    Hi there,

    I'm transferring about one hundred workflows from our current ticketing service into Zendesk.
    We have a number of potential triggers based around the sender address.

    It's a bit surprising that Zendesk doesn't allow identifying a ticket by its sender address.

    Taking the hint from Martin above on Jan 24 2017, I looked into creating an organisation, but I'm not sure this is the right approach. For instance, how do you express the following as a ZenDesk trigger?


        the customer email contains ''


        subject email contains 'Upgrade your service today!'


        automatically close the email

    ... I am most confused! Not to mention blocked in migrating :( 

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Juz!

    The first thing I would suggest would be to look into our whitelist and blacklist functionality. This is generally a more effective way to prevent unwanted tickets from making it into your Zendesk.

    Another thing you might consider is actually setting up filters in the email account that is forwarding into your Zendesk. You may be able to make adjustments to filters and forwarding settings to prevent those emails from even getting forwarded in the first place.

  • Ilari Tuominen

    I want to categorise emails both by sender and original recipient address as we have multiple legacy addresses and external services that automate tickets from single point of entry forms. This is such a trivial trigger that I find it really odd why this isn't prioritised. 

  • Todd Eldridge

    I would like to add my support behind this request.  We have an automated system that sends emails to our ZD.  There are like 15 or so different messages that come in.  We want exclude all but one of those.  My workaround is to make a trigger that looks for any of the other 14 messages and closes them.  It's very inefficient.

  • Kim Knight

    Any chance this is in the works yet? I am migrating from a much less robust system and am challenged to recreate some of these triggers as we currently have them. We are using for HR help desk and 'organization' feature is already in use for something else... 

    EX: emails from are automatically closed, emails from are automatically assigned to recruiting, etc.. 

    Like Todd mentions, I'm sure I can workaround using keywords, etc, but that's a bit inefficient. 

  • MM Tech

    Surprised this isn't supported. Would like emails from specific email address assigned to specific user. Surprised it's not even possible to select specific customer as an option even if they already have an account.


  • Ryan Singer

    It is absolutely mind boggling that this basic functionality isn't supported.  Telling your clients to set up filters in their email account is asinine; the whole point of using ZenDesk was to avoid administrating 2, 3, 4+ different systems and the convoluted workflow that entails.

  • John DeBoer

    In my case, the ticket is a valid ticket request and wouldn't want to filter it out.  I simply want to trigger certain actions when a ticket comes in from a specific email address.  I, too, am shocked that this functionality isn't supported.


  • Sebastian

    Definitely support this. And against something missing where I can't explain the why. 3 years by now.

  • Sebastian

    Again would need it. Why is Zendesk missing such crucial things left and right? I don't understand.

  • Branch Carr

    I agree with the latest comments from everyone. Why is the ability to filter in or filter out by a specific email address not supported? I have a critical need to create a trigger and am unable. Having the ability to filter on agent's email is really not helpful.

  • Sebastian

    The only workaround I use for other cases is to create accounts for all emails in question and add a keyword on the profile level. Then all tickets that come in from that user have that keyword and a trigger can read it. However, having a list of users and having to create accounts for all of them is a lot of work and not really doable in my case.

  • Rutger Bockholts

    We use the workaround with the organisations. It's also for us a lot of work and not possible to do this in one day of setup. So it's a recurring amount of work, every day.

  • Sebastian

    Unfortunately it's not that easy for us since the list are completely random email address tld's from users.

  • Eckhard Doll

    This was written two years ago by @... "It's a bit surprising that Zendesk doesn't allow identifying a ticket by its sender address."

    It's not only a bit surprising that this still does not work, it's ridiculous!

  • Ash

    I really can't believe this basic function still has not been implemented?

    I would love to see this come to fruition ASAP

  • Brett Wilson

    Wow - came here to add my dismay. These are the basics people. In my case, all tickets coming in are valid - I simply want to assign tickets to specific agents based on the sending address or user. What a joke ZD; this needs to be addressed. We pay you guys a ton of $$$ for this solution, and the fact that I can't do this seemingly simple thing really annoys me.

  • Sebastian

    @... For your usecase it would be best to use a trigger that assigns tickets to a certain user. Everytime when a ticket contains a certain tag. For example "to_ally".
    Then adjust that tag to every user whose tickets should be assigned to ally.
    if you would want to try solving this via email then you quickly would have a trigger with a lot of email addresses. You also would have to adjust the trigger all the time instead just adding a tag to the user account.

  • Trevor Kanaya

    Similar use case but slightly different. My issue is, we have all of our users attached to organisations. But, some of our users are attached to multiple orgs (for example, development agency reps who work with multiple of our accounts).

    What we want to do is use a trigger to route requests pertaining ONLY to one of these accounts to a specific agent (who is the manager for that specific account). But there's no way to do this. The account in question can either be the default org for that end user (in which case ALL the tickets will go to this agent), or a secondary one in which case none will.

    If we could set the trigger so that the "ALL" conditions to be met included a characteristic such as the service level that's unique to this one agent's account, and then add as an "ANY" something like "sender email address is", that would ensure that the agent is getting only the emails that are for their account from that dev's email address.

    I don't think any of the above workarounds would suffice so this is a functionality we could use as well!



  • Juergen Wagenbach

    It seems to be that there is still no trigger present which can check the domain address within the requester's mail address and assign the ticket to a group of agents then (although lots of Zendesk users asked for that).

    Please can you keep me updated if there are any plans to implement such a trigger in future?
    I do not expect that this can be too difficult or a high risk for software developers ;-).  

    Kind regards


  • Driesen, Christian

    I have the same feature request. It's so sad that Zendesk does not offer a trigger, that can work with requester's mail address. In my case I would like to assign a group when a ticket comes from a certain E-Mail account. 

  • Timothy Foust

    I'm really amazed at how little interaction this thread is getting considering the life of the thread and engagement. @... Our use case is similar, we have a lot of partners, such as stripe, where we want emails from their generic email address to go to a specific place. Having to create an org and then add tags and then add triggers for the tags is a lot of extra work for what could have been a simple trigger. 

  • Grae

    Agree, absolutely mind boggling that such a basic feature isn't supported by ZenDesk! So often we want to set up triggers etc based on a senders email address, as the other filters aren't quite specific enough! Can anyone from ZenDesk advise if this is being considered?

  • Soporte

    Hi all,

    This is ridiculous!

    Can someone at Zendesk confirm whether you are planning on adding this feature on your roadmap?


  • Simon Lee

    Adding my 2 cents here. My use case is pretty simple - mark emails coming from this email address as urgent. This is for emails from alert or monitoring services, or VIPs, etc.

    I'm hoping this is easy to implement since you already have string search for subject and comments.


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