Add end-user as CC via Trigger or Automation

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  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Check under security settings on your profile, and perhaps the account level. I do have some of these operating so should have the right settings if I can find them.

  • James Pitcher


  • Phil Stewart

    Hi Rob,

    I just set this up and I was receiving the same error, then noticed that under settings->API the Password Access was disabled. Enabling this "Password Access: Enable API authentication using an agent's email address and password" fixed the issue. This is working great for me now, thanks John.

    This new found power in the HTTP targets calling the API opens up all sorts of possibilities.

  • Brett Li

    We're using our own tool, Tonkean, to do this. We mix multiple different pieces of logic that trigger email (and Slack) notifications to the team when certain customer conditions are met.

  • Nook Hutasuwan

    I was trying to create a workaround you suggested. 

    Workaround: use a notify target "email" type to send emails to the person who needs to be CC'd.

    But mine does not show the "Email" type only the "Slack Integration End Point".

    Please help.

  • Andreas Pfeiffer

    Hi there,

    As far as I have seen, the workaround via the target HTTP doesn't  work as long as your login system wide is SSO. On top of that, creating targets emails can be a nightmare depending the number of target that need to be created + the triggers. Of course you can create them on the fly via the APIs, but still, you may have hundreds of email targets + triggers to create and schedule a refresh of these so that the are aligned with your system at any time.

    I am still looking for an "elegant" workaround, the HTTP target would have been one of those.

  • Andreas Pfeiffer

    I come back to me previous comment which was wrong and I'd like to correct it.

    Actually, you can authentify your http target with a token. You have to set the following:

    user: <your email>/token

    password:<your token>

    and then all works fine



  • Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch

    Just want to add my hat in the ring that the @... app works really well and was worth five bucks. I paid it out of my own pocket to save myself the hassle!

    We have both IT and HR support queues that manage our internal organization. There is a shared queue for user MAC (Move/Add/Change). We created some nice macros for New Hire/Employee Transfer/Leave of Absence/etc. that have specific tasks and questions that need to get filled out. So we'll see things like Name, Employee ID, Department, etc.

    We also want to notify certain key users that have no other reason to be in Zendesk (Payroll, Accounts Payable, CEO, etc.) so that they know about user changes as they move through the process. I simply wanted to create a macro that added those folks in as appropriate for the type of change that was being submitted. That was not possible as the only actions that are available are for followers.

    I installed Avi's app and noted that I don't really need to use the custom fields, I just cloned the trigger and then added:

    Tags contain at least one of the following: cc_payroll

    Then I updated the JSON to just have the email address hard coded:


    I cloned that a few more times for each user that I need for whatever task. Then in my macro I simply set the tags for all the individual CC's I need, i.e. cc_payroll cc_ceo, etc.

    That is probably not the fastest solution, but I only needed this CC setup for a handful of macro-built tickets and they wont' apply otherwise. Hopefully that is helpful to someone! :)

  • Olivia Ferrar

    This is exactly what we need, we have our helpdesk open to all users, but only some users are their account "Admins" who have to sign off on the work being done if it incurs a cost.

  • Jodie Macariola

    @... - any update on this since your 2018 post?  thanks, Jodie

  • Reine Berg

    Unbelievable, a suggestion that is "live" after more than 10 years...
    How can this NOT have been solved?

    I mean this is not "rocket science"

    Example: Trigger if Organization is "Acme Co" and Priority is more than Normal, then "Add CC" - specifying an end-user email address.  This would allow the organization's primary contact stay in the loop about what their employees have requested.

    (and yes I know the workaround with e-mail target).


    Zendesk... Update please...🙄

  • Luka Vukajlovic

    @ Reine

    I payed five bucks for a 3rd party app on marketplace that does this. It's called Carbon Copier and it doesn't bring a lot of features with it, but it allows you to add specific people in CC for specific organizations/clients. I know it's not perfect and it requires manual actions, but perhaps you can cover some of your top clients with this. It's definitely better than waiting for a few more years. :)


    Hope this helps.

  • Lessonly

    Thanks @luka! Just purchased the app.

  • Timothy Tucker


    OMEGALUL... nice comment.

  • Dave Foster

    I really don't understand why this isn't available as a normal trigger action. If a ticket is assigned to group Human Resources, cc <EndUser> for example, seems like the simplest thing. If you can add a follower, why not cc an end user?

  • Ana Palao

    Absolutely unacceptable. 10 years to solve this. Maybe to close to the model-price core of Zendesk? Either way: Disgusting. We should handle this through 4 chan :D

  • Darren Bell

    I've been trying to figure out a solution to this and ended up here. I just want to automate adding end users as a CC to tickets....

    Very sad to see this has been a request for ten 16 pages of comments later I am adding my desire for this feature to be added too. Probably a waste of 3 minutes of my life but hey-ho!.


  • Wolf Hilbl

    Any updates on this?

    The function is basically there... just filtered for Agents. 
    Please just go that final step. 

  • Jhoan Zabala

    Hi Darren.

    The solution is this:

    Add a trigger that calls a webhook, in that webhook you add the url of the zendesk request to modify tickets, inside the json body you put the id of your final user within the value aditionals_collaborators and then in each call of that trigger you execute that webhook and with that it would be ready.



  • Rob Wentz

    I don't like being "that guy" ... but I've had enough of this. 

    I'm really become disenfranchised by the lack of movement on zendesk's part to implement this feature that has been requested and upvoted for over a decade.

    This and the extremely slow response we've experienced to support requests has us questioning our decision to rely on zendesk for our ticketing system for our multi-million dollar company.

    We certainly are not seeing a high level of performance from zendesk - Based on the official responses to this thread alone, zendesk is a half baked homermobile that relies on third party work arounds. 

    @Kristen Mirenda  What happened to the "limited beta" released in 2018 that "will lay the groundwork for this feature." ?? 

    This is infuriating. I've sat through countless hours of new feature demonstrations over the past 3 years and have asked for this feature every time - in many cases I was promised that the feature has been implemented or was around the corner, "being worked on"... I'm really done with this. Zendesk seems completely out of touch.  

    For all those posting workaround "solutions"  -- I admire and appreciate the attempt at assisting other users. Jhoan Zabala - the "solution" you posted does not work here. Neither have the myriad of other suggestions several others have posted. Many of them rely on additional subscriptions or third party plugins.

    The ability to set a trigger to CC NON-agents is a feature that should exist out of the box. "lay the groundwork for this feature" ??  the groundwork is already there - you can set a trigger to cc agents... how can it be so complicated to add the ability to cc NON agents?


  • Jhoan Zabala

    Hi Rob.


    I agree with you, I only offered a solution to this case, is an alternative for who they can implement in this way.

  • Reine Berg

    This is the most unneccesarry process ever!.. What about just adding the e-mail adress. Or is that to complicated?
    It works fine with Freshdesk...

  • Anna Blackstone

    Is there an update on this functionality?

  • Philippe Balogh

    Yes, there was an update recently. The whole thread and its desired functionality became time-barred in October 2019. The ten years are up.  :o 

  • Alejandro Colon


    Can we get an update on this?

    It has been 2 years since an official update from Zendesk.

  • Softland Zendesk

    Our organization is interested on this feature too.

  • Pete Cockett

    Did this ever get added to production?

  • ZZ Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator

    Sorry, but no, this is not in the product. You would have to use a workaround like targets as suggested by Pierre here.

  • Philippe Balogh

    Kristen Mirenda, a Zendesk Product Manager stated in 2018, that she's officially removing the "Planned" label to avoid confusion. Nevertheless this thread will celebrate its 11th anniversary in two months from now. Maybe there is already the possibility to get a certificate in the Guinness Book of World Records.


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