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    Will Poon
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi folks, Will here from the Zendesk mobile team.

    Thank you all for taking the time to share your feedback as this helps prioritize what's on our future roadmap. We're hoping to prioritize this capability in the near future and will follow up on this post once we have more information to share.

    In the meantime, our team is focusing on a new mobile agent experience, more information can be found here and also be sure to follow our Announcements page for future releases.

  • Mike

    Exact same problem here.

    Small business, low call volume, and we use mobile phones as your telephone endpoints exclusively.

    Currently, it is extremely cumbersome to have to log into the Zendesk dashboard -- which renders on a mobile in a full desktop layout -- just to tap the tiny softphone icon to get a dial screen, etc.

    It is a common task to field calls and originate outbound calls from our mobiles, which is exactly why we choose to use this type of service vs. a traditional office-based phone system.

    However, the current limitation that there is not a mobile-friendly app or interface on Zendesk results in a lot of frustration -- especially when a competitor service (Freshdesk) already has a mobile support app that has the phone interface built in.

  • Natalie Doran

    Here is another real-life use case, that happened this morning:

    I am leaving for the airport in the next two minutes. My laptop is packed away in the car. I just got served a support call. I am our only admin. I got served two more calls en route to the airport.

    Can we get some sort of update here? This topic is tagged "Answered" but the last communication from Zendesk was a request for more feedback/use cases, and left us very up in the air as to the status of this request. It's very frustrating providing the requested feedback without getting any sort of acknowledgement at all. Can someone at Zendesk please update us as to where this stands, whether it's even on the roadmap at all, or if we're just shouting into the void?

  • Josh

    Our reps fly around the country. If they want to make a call, they need to stop what they're doing, open a laptop, then try to make a call like that. Freshdesk and Desk.com have offered mobile apps for a long time that have voice/phone calling built in.

  • Natalie Doran

    Can we have an update on this? Is it on the roadmap at all?

  • Alan Hagerman

    Is this channel even monitored by Zendesk.  We too find this feature lack a reason to be evaluating alternatives and moving from Zen.   That would include everything.   Either you are a modern support solution or you aren't,    Who doesn't use a mobile phone nowadays?

  • Rob Barreca

    I have a related post at https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360004398207-Add-ability-to-Zendesk-app-to-make-a-phone-call-text-from-Talk-Text-number

    I feel duped in believing the marketing pitch around Zendesk Talk and Text. The product is definitely too rudimentary and missing some seriously fundamental functionality. I'm also disappointed by the lack of movement from the Talk/Text product teams.

    Does anyone have a different solution they can recommend? Grasshopper.com and Phone.com both have more features than Zendesk, but are clunky in other ways.

  • Josh

    Zendesk talk just needs built into the sub-par zendesk support app. 

  • troyal

    I too would like to see this functionality built into the Zendesk app. The primary reason we use Zendesk Talk is to ease the burden of funneling all of our support calls after hours to whoever is on call. Having to grab a laptop to change login status is tedious.

  • Daniel Gadus

    Hej Zendesk/ Nicole,

    are you allready working on Zendesk Talk app or it's just something you going to develop in the future? :) 

  • Marie O.

    The lack of communication from reps at Zendesk regarding this much needed feature, is very disappointing. We've only been with Zendesk a few months and are already looking at an alternative as this is a key feature for us. 

    If Zendesk wants to retain all of these customers (and not lose possible future customers) who clearly need this feature, it would be best if someone from Zendesk provides some feedback as to the plan for implementation of this feature, instead of the usual response of "Thanks for the feedback". 

  • Kristin Tomic

    I would also like to see a Talk app, or Talk functionality within the Support app. I manage a small call center where representatives use cell phones almost exclusively and work from home on a regular basis. Having a Talk option within the Support app would make it much easier to assist customers on the go.

  • Tom Gaynor

    We had to leave Zendesk Talk for all the reasons mentioned in this thread. We are constantly on the go and not having the ability to answer calls and make calls quickly and easily from our iPhones was killing us. We signed up with Smith.ai / Keypad and it has been a game changer for us. Smith.ai is a virtual receptionist service. When a customer calls us, it rings my cell phone, if I do not answer, a live person from Smith.ai answers the call. They text us with who is calling to see if we are available. If we aren’t, they email our Zendesk support email address with a very detailed summary of the call. We use their Keypad app to make calls from our business number.

  • Ming

    Hi there!

    My company has a team of Customer Success Officers working in the office. However, I have another group of operators on the move all time and they'll need to communicate with customers frequently. It has been 2 years and this group of people have had to use their own mobile lines to communicate with customers. 

    This is not a sustainable practice, and definitely not 'omnichannel', since that is what Zendesk is trying to advocate to us too. We have to seriously consider another service if that is the case. :( Really hoping for a mobile app for Zendesk Talk! I'm sure there is a demand for it! 

  • Adam Pemberton

    Has anyone tried the Aircall solution (https://aircall.io)? They have a Zendesk integration that looks like it may solve the issue in this thread. Since Aircall is a software only VOIP, it can run on phones and tablets. We are evaluating it for our support staff, which is essentially, anyone in the company. We don't have dedicated support people, we all function as customer support when needed and available, so we need the flexibility to answer calls on our mobile devices wherever we are. See: https://aircall.io/call-center-software-integrations/zendesk.



  • Kristin Tomic

    Bumping thread - this is absolutely an issue for my team. We're a small (4 member) group of support representatives that cover 21 hours a day, 6 days a week. The ability to handle calls on the go is critical for us, and the Support app doesn't give us what we need. The desktop version no longer appears to work on our phones. 

  • Olaf de Vries

    Over two years and still no app for Talk, or even a mobile friendly site.

    It begs the question; what’s the hold up? What’s so difficult about this that it can’t be solved in two or three years?

    Or is it just the lack of interest in the feedback you are getting from us?

    What number of comments or upvotes is the threshold to launch a mobile app?

    Is there even a roadmap with the words mobile + talk in the same sentence?

    If I was Zendesk I would be ashamed.

  • Natalie Doran

    Hi Caroline,

    That parameter wouldn't particularly help us, I'm afraid - like I said, we have a pretty low call volume. (We've only had three calls today, which admittedly is a slow day for us.) It would take some pretty extraordinary circumstances for an agent to miss three calls in a row .

    What we're after is a way to catch it after one (or before that one is served), so our customers have the highest chance of hitting an available agent on the first try and minimizing their wait time, since most of them are going through our company's IVR before being routed to the specific Talk one. 

  • Neisy Culler


    Is there an update to this? 

    This is the second time in a week that I have had to stop what I was doing, grab my laptop to make an urgent call regarding a ticket. Not having a call option on the ZD app is hindering my team's ability to provide the appropriate support to our customers. 

    This integration needs to happen sooner than later. 

  • Nick Rohan

    We currently use Dialpad for our Calling Channel. I would love to switch to ZD talk but some of the issues mentioned in this thread are the main reason we haven't switched. We have on call agents working 24/7. After business hours they work from home and working from a cellphone is essential because we don't have a high volume of calls (3-4 per weekend) so I can't pay someone to sit in front of a computer to wait for these calls. Dialpad handles this well but I would prefer to use the native phone app for simplicity of training staff and better integration. So to summarize:

    1. Talk app on the cellphone is essential

    2. Would need to be able to toggle availability on/off from a phone when on call agent's shift ends

    3. A Talk setting which allows company to set how many missed calls knock an agent out of the queue. In Dialpad we knock someone out if they miss one call and if no agents are logged in with calls waiting a manager gets a phone call alert through Pagerduty so they can jump in and deal with it.

  • Natalie Doran

    Any update on this?

    To expand on our use case, since we're a small company our support team has a lot of responsibilities that would belong to other departments in larger organizations. In addition to pure support, we do a lot of sales support, field service, application engineering, installations and trainings, etc. We're heading into one of our biggest trade shows in the upcoming weeks and all but one of our support personnel will be on the showroom floor manning our booth. It would be great if our team members could set themselves as available using the Zendesk app when exhibit hall traffic is low and easily set themselves offline when we're busy. 

  • The Original DKNY


    The number of employees that adopt tablets and VDI solutions is increasing.  Use of VOIP and VOIP like services over VDI has latency and call quality issues. By having a mobile app you circumvent those concerns and can deliver the best experience to an agent, without IT have to spend thousands of dollars on a VDI solution. 

    A mobile app would also enable modern Android-enabled TV to be leveraged as alternatives to Polycom or cisco like devices in "War Room" / Sev1 / Problem Management scenarios.  Having the ability to transfer an Enterprise customer to a FirstResponder team in a war room is a feature that no other solution currently has or markets too. 

    There is also a simpler reason to do this.  I have a cell phone. I do not have a desk phone.  may have to walk away from my desk while on a call interacting with a customer to grab a team member or other. Go to a startup that is 5 years old or less.  Tell me how many headsets of handphones you see? The desk phone/headset VoIP market space is not a huge growth market.  


  • Natalie Doran

    Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for the information about the flags, I appreciate it.

    Did you ever hear back from the Talk team if there are any updates?

  • Arno (EMEA Partner)

    This would be most helpful. Our agents are constantly on the move, and answer via mobile phone.

    • They are not able to answer all calls, and calling back to those customers should be possible via Zendesk mobile app, so that calls get recorded to Zendesk tickets.
    • Many calls they would need to transfer to other agents which should also be possible with Zendesk mobile app, showing controls for the ongoing call answered on the mobile phone. (Now this is only possible, if you are able to open Zendesk in browser to transfer the call).
    • It would also be helpful to check and set your own status with Zendesk Talk, and to be able to set yourself online and answering via mobile phone.
  • Raffaele Sgarro


  • Formspree Service

    Ugh doing a talk trial now but looks like I'm gonna cancel. Talk is useless for our company if we can't set online / offline status on the go. Our company doesn't have dedicated agents, we're a small business. I'd prefer to have my business hours set, and only forward calls to my personal phone during those hours by default. When I need to go offline, I should be able to open an app on my phone and set offline.

    Stuff like this makes me feel like zendesk was designed for big support teams, not small businesses.

  • Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Natalie,

    Thanks for this feedback! This is something we're discussing on how to solve since it's a clear pain point for customers like yourselves. One of the things that we're thinking of is forcing an agent offline if a certain parameter is met, maybe something like if you've missed or declined 3 calls in a row we'll set you as offline.

    Would there be any value in us handing that configuration over to you, and if so would you see it on a per phone number/per agent/per account setting? Or are you happy if we made a global change that across the board, you can't change it, but now all agents will be set as offline if a parameter (like above) is met. 

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 


  • Josh

    Hello is there an update on this Caroline?

  • Simon Turnbull

    We also need an easy Zendesk Talk app for mobile. Most of my team now works "out of office" and we need ways of capturing communication through Zendesk. 

    Also would be helpful if an incoming call to a standard mobile could be easily (one click) converted to a zendesk number and ticket created. The number of calls I take on the road that need to be recorded s ever increasing.  


  • Jacob Colberg

    Any update would be great.  Right now my company has a small international team and being able to access Talk via an App would make our lives so much easier.  Very low call volume right now but even with a low call volume the current process is painful. 


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