Macro Maintenance and Administration Workflow

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    Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Andrew and Sydney, thank you so much for your feedback about the management of macros. It's truly appreciated. I'm the Product Manager at Zendesk for Macros and we do have some improvements coming soon, later this quarter. Specifically, you'll be able to see the created and updated dates in the admin interface, and we'll show you exactly how many macros there are too. We are also planning to let admins have visibility of agent macros, but that will come a little later, likely Q2. Longer term we'd like to have something comparable to Guide, but I don't have a timeline yet.

  • Sam

    Hi Andrew S!

    I think a good workaround would be to have each macro apply a unique tag, and then having a report in Explore that tracks tickets by date which have those tags applied. It's crude, but you'd at least be able to track macro usage beyond the "Usage over <= 7 days" available in the Macro page.

    Some information on that is available at Explore recipe: Reporting on macros using tags

  • Andrew S

    Sam Thanks Samuel! I actually came up with this request while working in Explore just as you've suggested, which is crude but certainly does the trick, albiet with a lot more work than strictly necessary.

    It's sustainment that I'm really gunning for here, as a process similar to what I described is much easier to teach to other team members.

  • Andrew S

    Just going to float this back up to the top. If there's going to be a 5,000 macro limit, there has GOT to be a better way to organize and administer them. Please don't tell us to "just use the API" because that's not how I can get my teams to reduce macros.

  • Sydney Neubauer

    +1 to this  - we have run into the issue where Agents have personal macros and there is not a way for us to manage these. Admins don't even have access to the personal macros they use unless they go into each Agent individually.

    And then there is the problem that Agents make macros with incorrect settings (not adding a tag, removing all tags, changing Brand, etc) and we are not able to locate the macro until it is a problem. We have multiple groups, and multiple Agents can make shared macros (3000+) we need a better way to organize them, search by actions, audit them, flag them for update, etc.


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