Ability to update Skills from macros or triggers

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    Barry Neary
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, we are actively working on a solution for this - dont have timelines yet but when I do I will update you


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for the detailed feedback, Stacy!

  • Gene Henson

    I completely agree with this. We're trying to setup a scenario where an agent transfers a ticket to someone with a different skill. We do this kind of stuff with macros so that we can set multiple fields, leave internal comments, etc. 

    If we were to use "skills" for this, our agents would have to remember to change this extra field manually, which defeats the purpose of the macro in the first place. We'll probably have to abandon our planned use of skills for that scenario.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thank you for the feedback, Gene. 

  • Hillary Latham

    Agreed.  It would be nice to auto add skills from a user record to a ticket via a trigger.  A trigger action that was Add Skills From current assigned user's record to ticket.

    I see how skills were created to route unassigned tickets, but I could see it being useful for following/viewing tickets that have been assigned.

  • Collin Cunninghame

    I'm also hoping to use skill routing as an alternative to a bunch of near-duplicate Groups. The rigidity with which skills are automatically set (exactly once, at creation, before any triggers are applied) prevents us from implementing processes to "escalate" using skill routing, or to apply skills based on the actions of "ticket is created" triggers.

  • Masha Patrakova

    We would also like to be able to use triggers for setting and updating skills.

    We use triggers to set additional information to tickets that cannot be there on creation, and currently we cannot use that to set skills. 

    Additionally, if any ticket fields are set we want to use a trigger to change the skills. 


    Ticket field County has a value USA, so a USA skill is added. In reality the customer is from Canada. We would want an agent to change the ticket field value to Canada, and a trigger to catch this and update the skill.

  • Eric Kramer

    The ability to edit skills via triggers is very much needed in order for skill-based routing to be useful in an enterprise environment.  As it is, the feature requires a great deal of manual management and it's too easy for tickets to get lost or overlooked.  Consider the following use case:

    A ticket comes in and is marked as requiring skill A.  However, on examination of the content, the agent with skill A sees that the ticket actually requires skill B.  The first agent adds skill B to the ticket (neglecting to remove skill A) and submits the changes.  The ticket is removed from the first agent's view, but will now only show up for agents with both skills A and B.  If there are no agents with this skill combination, then the ticket will not appear to any agent and there's no easy way for a manager to see that this is the case.

    There needs to be a way to add/remove skills automatically as ticket properties change rather than depending on agents to accurately update the skills.

  • Jasmin Sehic

    Yeah this is essential, at least from Macro perspective. If we can't detect the skill heuristically on creation and agent needs to to set the skill manually, they should also be able to do that in a macro.

  • Steven Straker

    This would also be helpful for those with existing tickets who would like to start using skills-based routing.

    We'd be able to create triggers or automations to assign skills on existing tickets upon any given action (such as customer response, change of state, elapse of time, etc).

    Skill assignment by macro would also be helpful in this regard, as intake agents can apply macros that initiate workflows for agents with specific skills in higher tiers.

    Adding this feature would allow for a number of various creative applications of skills-based routing to suit many differ needs/cases.

  • Matthew Feczko

    Same here. We’ve implemented skills based routing, but the fact that it only routed at ticket creation prior to triggers makes it hard to reassign it with the right skill.

  • Evan Shapiro

    We have a service that tags our tickets after running them through an NLP model, we want to use skill based routing, but since we don't have the ability to update a skill this makes it much much harder for us to implement this in the way that we want to.  In an ideal world we can do this from the API, this is something that should absolutely be possible.

  • Damien Messe

    Same as the previous comments. 

    I have investigated the usage of this feature in our configuration but the fact that it is not possible to update the skills through triggers and macros will not be efficient for us.

    It looks like this feature is incomplete so not efficient.

    We will still use the tags and triggers (old way) until the routing skills feature is more developed.

  • Ty Bailey

    What is the latest here? Currently skills appear to be limited to sorting products or languages, not for setting actual skills. I need a means of setting who should get a ticket AFTER basic triage takes place.

    As it stands i will have to spend my very limited dev cycles to attempt to make my own system which is a horrid waste.

  • David Skinner

    Any update on this? It would be a great feature and I am a little unclear why it's proving so difficult to implement.



  • Jasmin Sehic

    Great news Barry Neary


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