JIRA App - Allow me to copy from custom fields

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  • Darrin Khan


    I agree with Candace on this. 

    It would be good to have the custom field data copied across as well to save manually copying that data out of the ticket then pasting it back in to the modal as described above.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on if this feature can be added or a work around ?


  • Jason Kosecki

    Totally agree. What is the point of the plugin if it cannot copy your form data into the correct Jira fields? 

  • Thierry Suzanne


    • I've not found a way to configure what zendesk fields get copied automatically by the "copy fields from ticket" at the bottom left of the popup (or "Always copy"). For example, I'd like to copy the zendesk ticket requester into a field in the Jira ticket. A workaround would be to copy/paste... but...
    • Can't copy/paste from zendesk ticket into the Jira ticket creation modal, because the modal takes over the whole page.

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