Add View Option for Tickets Without First Reply

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  • JacobN

    For more context surrounding this, please see my Q&A thread (created before I was advised to make this thread). I have done my best to weed out all offending tickets, but the issue still seems present. Having access to this view would make the task much easier!


  • Rob Baker

    Is there an update on this request?  We have an automation that force assigns unassigned tickets that are aging beyond our max SLA, and doing so of course changes the status from New to Open, losing any ability we have to easily determine whether or not an IR has been made for those tickets.  This is also problematic for creating an agent view that groups/sorts by non-IR'd tickets.

  • JacobN

    Rob Baker: There was never any movement in regards to having a view for this.

    I was contacted by a Zendesk employee with some information on how to structure a search to achieve the same thing - though I'm not sure how that would apply in your case.

    Maybe if you get in touch as well, and link back to this thread, it might prompt this to be implemented in the future.

  • Thomas

    Hi all,

    I would love to have this as a feature - it surprises me it is not a feature already. It is basically a loophole in the Zendesk system as it assumes that all unassigned tickets will get answered as soon as they are assigned when our team does not work that way.

    Our team generally goes through the tickets and assigns them to themselves before answering them so this feature is vital for admins to see exactly which tickets still need replying to.

    At the moment it is incredibly hard to locate tickets without a first reply, short of going through every single ticket manually. In my opinion this is a massive oversight as it means agents can sit on or solve tickets and reduce the number of unassigned, unanswered tickets artificially simply by assigning them to themselves and leaving them open without actually replying.

    Please fix this soon Zendesk!

  • Atish kumbhar

    Is there any update on this feature request?

  • Rob Baker

    I can share with others how we worked around this limitation.

    We simply amended the notify requester of comment update trigger to add a tag called ir_completed .  Then we created a corresponding view for all tickets < solved w/o that tag grouped by status ordered by ticket created date in reverse chronological order. 

    The trigger criteria looks like the following:

    and the view criteria just needs to look at all tickets that do not have that tag.

  • Jonathan

    Thanks a lot for the workaround.

    I send a +1 to have this criteria in the views. It would be very helpful to identify ticket with : 

    - 0 response -> To trigger alert to admin/supervisor about a ticket that has not been answered by an agent

    - X responses -> sometimes a ticket with too much response means the problem is difficult to solve, so it would be good to define alert based on that criteria too.

  • Brandon Arechavala

    We would also find this really useful!

  • Ayal Kellman

    +1 for this kind of feature. 

  • Jiri Kanicky

    The system should give us the option to differentiate between different SLAs. For example, I would like to create a view of tickets without First Response only.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for adding your comment, Jiri!

  • Óskar Ómarsson

    This is something that we are also trying to achive, would be great to be able to have a visibility over tickets that are lacking first response.

  • Sakina Crocker

    Is this still not something you can do easily in views?

  • Mike DR
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Sakina,

    I'll work with you on the ticket :)

    Mike dela Rosa | Customer Advocate

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  • Óskar Ómarsson

    Any updates or directions from Zendesk on this one?

  • Joe

    Hi, I am trying to create this view but I think the above work around may now be out of date.

    Could someone confirm the step by step please.



  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Joe, 

    If you already created a view and having an issue with the conditions, we'll be glad to check it for you. You may initiate a conversation with us anytime!
  • Riah Lao

    Is this something that Zendesk can offer as out of the box functionality (via view condition) without needing to do extra step to create trigger etc.

  • Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello and thank you for this great feedback. We are going to be making improvements to the conditions of Views next year, 2024. This will be included in the list of conditions to add to views. I understand views is sometimes used to keep track of tickets that may go unseen to stay on top of metrics. I have one question, are you all interested more in tickets that have no response or just the count of tickets with no first response or both?

  • Carl Moore

    Good to see some progress here.    Not sure I understand the question, as a ticket with a first response would satisfy the condition, so that it would no longer be a ticket with no response.   Tickets that have no response would also be tickets that have no first response.

    It would be interesting to get a histogram of # or responses per ticket, so you can see how many responses are typical to close out a ticket.

  • Tyler Guzi

    Salvador Vazquez - What I'm reading from the thread is that people are interested in specific tickets without a first response, presented in a view.  A count doesn't really help to know which tickets need responses most quickly. 

    A view or column in a view would be the desired outcome.  For example:

    A triage queue would be build around tickets missing desired attributes; lets say Priority, Type and No First Response.  Tickets missing any one of those 3 attributes would be used as the first tickets to view for a support team. Once all 3 of those criteria are met, it would drop from this view

    Meaning that the ticket would be properly configured to trigger Completion SLA tracking and other configured business logic.  More importantly, it would help to ensure that customers have been communicated with in a timely fashion to help boost their experience and increase their overall satisfaction.  

    Hope this helps!  And like everyone else, very curious as to when these improvements may be launched


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