Timestamp in chat transcript in UTC

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  • Kate Anderson

    Would be great for the chat transcripts to be in the time zone of the Zendesk user rather than UTC. This is time consuming when transcripts are requested to manually update the time. Looks unprofessional to send in another time zone. 

  • Arpan Nagdeve
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Everyone, 
    We have started looking into this problem, and we intend to remove this inconsistency and align timezones on the transcript. We'll get back with a clear timeline soon on the resolution 

  • Ajay Paul

    Hi Arpan,

    Is there an update on a particular resolution as this is an ongoing issue we can do without. 


  • Andy Neely

    I also agree that having transcripts reflect the timezone of the Zendesk Account would be incredibly beneficial. This would help a LOT with customers since they often get confused by the time displayed on the transcript, and it would make QA much easier.

  • Takagi.Tetsutaro

    Zendesk chat 終了後に作成zendesk Supportにチケットが作成されるが、コメント内の時間表示が日本時間から9時間ずれている



    エージェントワークスペースに移行すると下記機能が使えなくなるため、zendesk chat機能は引き続き利用したい






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