Can we keep the ticket's status as NEW after assignment until Agent manually updates?


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  • Kristine Pesquisa

    Would really love to have this feature. Any update on this, please? 


  • Dave Hall

    This request has been sitting for 8 years!  And Erin Boyle's last commented on it 3 years ago.  WOW!

    The ability to keep a ticket as 'NEW' until an agent actually touches/responds to a client is important for our workflow.

    I am very disappointed with Zendesk's ability to address existing PAYING customers' pain points.

  • Rob Islam

    Agreed with the rest of the posters, this is a function that would be really useful.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks, Rob. Please be sure to vote on the original post as well!

  • Pamela Huber

    +1 and looking for an update.


    Here's context on our experience: On our small team, we have a lot of tickets per agent and prioritize open tickets where the end-user is the most recent updated. It's nearly impossible to search through our open tickets where an agent is the last updater if we want to assign to other agents to help sort them. There's a lot of awesome zendesk features we have trouble using because we do not have the scale to navigate through our open tickets where an agent was the last responder so figure out who hasn't been serviced by an agent yet.

    The purpose of our open tickets where the last updated was an agent is generally when there is an ongoing task we need to do on our end before responding again, such as a bug fix (we mark as pending when we think we may have solved an issue but want confirmation, and a automation will eventually solve these). Open tickets don't get auto-solved by this automation, and we know not to go sifting through open tickets where the agent was the last responder unless there's a specific tag (say, when we're updating open tickets that are incidents of a problem we solve). The only possible workaround here to use features such as assigning to other agents or auto-replying to new tickets is using triggers, which is not always nimble enough in the moment.

    For scalability, being able to update tickets with tags, auto-replies, and assignees while keeping tickets new will ensure timelier assignment to appropriate departments and timely response from those departments.

  • Yura Yefymenko

    Hi Pamela,

    From your description, using ticket status On-hold might provide the functionality you need.  Here is a link

    Hope it helps.



  • Pamela Huber

    Yura - On-Hold is incredibly helpful to managing our open tickets. We were unfamiliar with this fature, so thanks so much for sharing.

    For future zendesk reps who read my original comment, I still stand by the usefulness of being able to save a ticket update (of manually or auto-assigning/tagging) as new.

    Thanks again Yura!

  • Tomer Asheroff

    Same here.

  • Julien Van de Casteele

    So essentially nothing has been done yet to put this in place? I read a post from 4 years ago saying it's under the radar. Under the turtles radar?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Julien et al - 

    Erin looked into it 4 years ago but at the time we were unable to work on this part of the product. 

    I know that ticket statuses are being reviewed as a part of a larger project around the Support workflow, so I will raise this conversation with PM's again for them to consider when planning any changes for this part of the product. 

    I don't expect to have updates in the near future, but will let you know if and when I hear something from the product teams. 

  • Anon

    Have you ever considered asking the Community which product features should be prioritised? This seems to have been an important issue, as user have been asking for this for many years. It affects the workflow in our company too, in the end it's the customers that are suffering. 

    Sending out a query every now and then might prevent putting lots of energy into features that aren't even that necessary or only serve the specific purpose of a small user group.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Caecilie -

    One of the reasons we look at votes on the requests in the community is to determine which are most desired by the greatest number of users. There are about 3,000 active feature requests at any point in time, so it would be challenging to provide a list for users to select between in a survey type of format.

    As far as features that do get prioritized, they go through a rigorous process of evaluation before being put on the roadmap.

    Ticket statuses are currently going through that evaluation process, and I hope to have updates on whether they've made the cut soon.

  • HooPayz Admin

    Hi Nicole, 

    What is the status of the evaluation results.  Based on the thread, this is an important request by lots of folks. We are a new  company and have the same requirements as everyone else. 


    Thanks so much.


  • This would be really useful for us too. We're trying to prioritize first replies, but we can't distinguish new tickets from ongoing ones once they've been assigned to agents. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Carolyn -

    I checked in with the product manager, and she said that they continue to be interested in implementing the ability to customize ticket statuses at some point in the future, however it is not something that our product teams will be able to get to this year.

    We'll keep this thread open and continue to allow everyone to share their use-cases and up vote the OP, however we do not expect to have further updates on this functionality in 2019.

  • Chewy Trewhella

    There is literally no reason why allowing people to keep tickets as new should be controversial.

    I don't understand why this wouldn't be implemented.

  • Márton Horváth

    +1 among many other features where the system workflow/field values cannot be customized.


    We would like to keep tickets as "new"  when the only thing changing is assigning them to someone.



  • Oliver Tietze

    Is +1 after 6 years still useful? Did the use case collection (4 years ago) ever happen? With what results??

    Our "use case" is: we want statuses to work as they were sold to us.

    Zendesk Doc: "Open indicates a ticket has been assigned to an agend and is in progress"
    Reality: "Open indicates a ticket has been assigned and we just assume it's in progress, change the status unwantedly, while with other actions/field changes, we leave it intact, to produce inconsistent behaviour of ticket changes"


    For us, NEW means: no action (seen from the Customer's perspective) has been taken. The ticket is waiting for the first reply of a customer (hence 'First Reply Time' SLA).

    Assigning it to a group or agent doesn't change anything.

    Please keep the status intact.

    We have found a workaround for the group assignment: Creating a separate Dropdown for "Team 1", "Team 2" etc. - Selecting the wanted team - Having a view available for "Team 1" showing only the "Team 1" selected - NEW tickets remain NEW.

    This does NOT work when it comes to personal assignments, and for some special cases/skills we need it. We do a bulk change, we do NOT "Submit as OPEN", but Zendesk submits as OPEN. Thank you, but no thank you.

    PLEASE Zendesk: why is ALL "everyday tools needed" a matter of 6 years of begging :-(


    Kind regards


  • Alejandro Colon


    Can we get an update on this?

    You mentioned we would not see an update in 2019. How about 2020?

  • Rodger Bradford

    I also would like to see this functionality.  We use a trigger to route tickets to our agent in Europe based on the country.  He receives them as open but it would be much better if they could appear as new. 

  • Kalei Libby

    This feature would still be very helpful. We have a small team and would like to be able to auto-assign new incoming tickets, but show the status as NEW so that people can differentiate between tickets they are already working and new ones that need a response.

  • CJ Johnson

    It's been 2 years since the update that said this was planned, are there any updates about the status these days? 

  • Oliver Tietze

    Only two! Just wait two more to read it's gonna hit the roadmap! :P

    Enjoy your weekend. We found a workaround by "pre-assigning" tickets to Teams (that are not Zendesk Groups but a separate Custom field/Dropdown), so they show up in the right views as "new" and get processed prioritized and by the right people.

    You could also do this with team members. With a little API fiddling you could even populate that dropdown automatically from your list of agents.

    Maybe it helps! 

    P.S. I missed that I posted a part of this 2 years ago already. Well. We still use it, even improved (show those "group-assigned" tickets in a view that mixes personal tickets and group tickets).

  • Judd Higgins

    We would like this feature as well. Any updates?


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