Question for Zendesk users: how do you notify your users about bug fixes?


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  • Lester

    Hi Bob

    I don’t like having tickets open that relate to bugs as I have no control over when they will be fixed. I don’t like 2 year old tickets floating about and it relies on us knowing something changed to inform the customer.

    What I did was sync our internal bug tracker to the help center. Essentially there is a script that looks in the database the engineers use (in our case Target Process) and checks to see if the bug is marked as public. If so, it creates a help center article that details the bug.  The same script looks for changes. If a change is found, for example the state or release date is update, the bug in the help center is updated. The great thing about the help center is customers can follow articles, as soon as the state changes, they get an email so we don’t have to keep track of changes.


    • We don’t have to keep tickets open longer than we have to. As soon as we find it’s a bug, we report it and give the customer a link to the article
    • They can follow the article for instant notifications
    • Bugs can be public or private
    • If they are public, then it stops other customers asking the same question
    • Using voting, you’ll get an idea of how many people have the same problem

    We defined some custom views for bug articles and let customers filter on bugs for specific products, state and even product release.

    It was a lot of customization, but we are happy with it


  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    We've been using the Zendesk & JIRA integration successfully. When we link an issue to a bug ticket in JIRA, we place the ticket on Hold in Zendesk. When then dev team resolves the issue, they use the notify Zendesk feature.

    This feature makes an internal note on all tickets linked to that bug, and we have a trigger that then looks for the string applied by this integration. That same trigger then re-opens the ticket so that it appears back in the assignee's Open Tickets queue and the agents then notify the end user their issue has been resolved. 

  • Datix Ltd

    We use a very similar workflow to the one Dan has suggested above, except our automation sends an e-mail notification to the ticket requester and closes it, rather than placing it back in the agent queue.

    The big benefit of this is that we don't need to have agents manually running through bug/defect tickets in order to notify a customer of the resolution. The downside is that the notification to the customer is very generic... "You reported a bug (see ticket history below), we've now fixed it in our most recent release" and gives little information about what version of our software we resolved the defect in.

    We've not had any negative feedback about this, and the time saving for us has been incredibly beneficial - it's just going to depend on what the expectation of your customers, is.

  • Datix Ltd

    @Lester - would you be able to share any more detail on how you achieved this kind of sync with the Help Center? I imagine there's a lot of proprietary code you had to develop, but anything you're able to share could be hugely beneficial.

  • Bob Charpentier

    Thanks everyone. This has been helpful. We do plan on upgrading our bug tracking system in the near future and Jira is the one product that always pops up. Good to know there's an integration with Zendesk.

    For now, we've landed on a process similar to that described by everyone here. 

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Thanks for jumping in, everyone! This is great. :)

  • Mindaugas Verkys

    We are going also with Jira integration.


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