Assign support address based on email domain (Organization)

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    Matt Bagnara
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Thomas Farey 👋🏻

    Matt here from the Zendesk Product team. Thanks for your feedback. I'd love to learn more about your particular use case, can you please elaborate on why you want tickets to be routed based on email domain? Any further context to help with my understanding would be appreciated.


  • Thomas Farey

    Hi Matt Bagnara, thanks for your response.

    The issue we are having is that, for one of our clients, the helpdesk forwarding email is behind a distribution list. This means that Zendesk sets the reply email to be the default support address in our Zendesk, rather than the custom address. We would like to keep the email situation this way if possible, while having Zendesk notifications and responses come from the forwarding address. I believe this is happening because the email is technically being sent to the distribution list instead of to the forwarding address. It would make sense if there was an option to change this behavior to be based on the domain, for example to have the default reply address able to be set per-organization in Zendesk.

    We're currently working around this by adding the default support address as a contact in the distribution list instead of using a forwarding box, but this is less than ideal as when the user clicks "reply" they are always responding to the distribution list instead of directly to Zendesk.


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